Monday, October 26, 2009

Dying Cockroaches

I've just returned from the shops and coffee with my sister. From where I was sitting I could see a cockroach in its last throes of life desperately trying to make it to the rubbish bin - the holy grail for cockroaches. While not overly fond of cockroaches, I had to admire its tenacity. It kept crawling, dragging its innards behind it, until it drew its last breath.

This brought two questions to mind. The first was - did the cockroach hitch a lift with me to the shops? It could easily happen being that I don't like the idea of insecticides being sprayed all over our house for us to absorb (Yes, I know cockroaches carry disease but exposure to chemicals can cause cancer) I have a 'live and let live attitude' where if they're out of sight they're out of mind but honestly I've seen many a dead cockroach in our kitchen where the cause of death is old age.

My second question was did I look a bit like this particular cockroach this morning at training? Painfully slow but determined even though I've been stomped on by life and I feel like the guts have been crushed out of me (Melodramatic I know - I swear I could write for Days of Our Lives) Today's session was Speed and I was so not speedy. Not only was I not speedy but even running slow felt exhausting. I hate overtraining syndrome! I hate that after all my hard work I feel less fit than when I started! And I really hate being patient!!! If I wasn't an adult I'd probably throw myself on my back and kick my legs around, screaming with frustration just like an upturned dying cockroach. I miss my daily endorphin fix. Must be an endomorpho-junkie.

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