Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What Do I Do????

A long while ago I signed up for a race this weekend.

I think it was a long while ago. Could have just been a short while ago but with everything that's been happening it just feels like a long while ago. I do like to give out fairly accurate information in my blog. Except in the case where a little truth-stretching makes for a better story. So in the interests of preserving my 97.8% honesty requirement I'll change that statement.

Some time ago I signed up for a race this weekend.

I signed up before Melbourne Marathon and I chose the shortest option (15k) because I wasn't sure how I'd be feeling. I trained for the middle option (30k) because 30k requires carb-loading and I kinda like carb-loading now I've learned to manage my pre-race jitters. And also because a lot of my friends are running the 30k and I like running with my friends.

My training has been fine. Sure I might have cut one of my mid-week runs short but it was stinking hot and on the scientifically-devised scale that exists only in my head a 13k run in 24C heat with a humidity over 88% is equal to a 16k anyway. So technically all the training is in bank.

But I sit here now in a quandary. I am in a state of indecision. Perplexed. Irresolute. Confused (although that's nothing new for me - you should see me trying to find my car in a shopping centre car park). Do I do the 15k or the 30?

The whole reason for signing up for this race was to run with friends. But I have friends in both of the distances so that criteria will be filled no matter which starting line I choose to toe.

It's not too late to make the swap. This race is pretty low-key and I can make the distance change as late as the morning of so this state of indecision could follow me for the rest of the week like that fart cloud that follows Ricky.

No naked flames allowed around this end
I was going to leave it up to the Weather Gods to choose. If the temperature was going to be stinking hot I'd stay with the 15. But the weather isn't looking too bad for this time of the year. That should mean that I definitely should change to the 30 and yet I'm still hesitant.

The reason that I'm hesitant is that the memory of last year's 30k is still quite vivid. And it's not a happy memory - despite how I'm looking in that photo. There's a lesson to younger people here - Facebook photos don't always tell the whole story. Someone might look like they're having fun when in fact they're dying inside.

Sure I could say I want redemption for last year's horrendous 30k, which had a significant amount of walking in the last 10k, but honestly I don't. Couldn't care less about proving anything to anyone because I've proved enough to myself this year. And this run is just supposed to be about having fun with friends.

So what will I do? (All suggestions will be considered)


  1. As you said all options will be considered, I also believe that at least one of your friends is doing the 50km. Why is that option not mentioned?

    In all seriousness, you have done the work for the 30km and despite the forecast for today and tomorrow, Sunday should be good. MY vote is for 30km.

  2. Start for 30, and if you begin feeling bad, do only "15", or 20, or 27, or 7 or 17,48...
    Start for 30, and then follow your feelings and listen to your body and not your pride - so what if you get DNF. Whom do you need to prove yourself to?!
    The most stupid situation would be starting for 15 and regretting it at the finish line. Another stupid thing is doing more than it is good for you - but you will know that only when you are running...

  3. Run the first 15K for you and then the following 15K for me since I won't be able to run my marathon this weekend since childcare fell through. :) Just an pressure though. I will completely understand if you just run for you. Regardless, have a great run!

  4. Do the 30km. You'll regret it otherwise. Of course I'm saying this lying on my back in bed at 10:11 am, lazy thing that I am. I'll run vicariously through you then I'll feel better about myself.

  5. If enough of us run vicariously through you, you should have enough spare virtual runners to do the 30k.

  6. I think 30 if you trained for it.

  7. Ask Ricky to flip a coin for you!!!!

  8. It's a no brainer, you have to do the 30, if you weren't running a race wouldn't you be doing a long run, isn't 30km a long run, so 30 it is, the Coach has spoken!

  9. Let your feet follow your heart and do what YOU really want to do...or just be really petty and go with the friend that is more fun to run with?

  10. I think you are going to choose the 30K. Take revenge on last year's race :)

    Ricky is so cute.

  11. I'm late reading this so you've probably already chosen.

    You look quite lean in that pic so I'm wondering if it was also after you'd been going through a bit and dropped some weight. Perhaps this year will be different as you're at your peak fitness and the stress of some of that other stuff is behind you. Maybe?


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