Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Down - But Not Out

I'm feeling a bit flat today. Some of it is due to the earthquake in Christchurch. We've had 24 hr coverage of it on TV and it's starting to wear a little. Can you get disaster overload? It's only February and so far we've had floods, fires, cyclones and earthquakes. Enough already!!

Usually I'd watch a little of the coverage and once I've reached saturation point watch something that I'd recorded. The remote control of my recorder has chosen now to stop working so I can't do that. Desperately hoping that the replacement turns up today or it will be a long day at work.

Another reason I'm feeling flat is because I'm on day 10 of cramping and bleeding (I know, I know - TMI) I've just started taking the pill for endometriosis and the assistant at the pharmacy said I could start taking it right away despite the stage of my cycle. Well she was wrong! And my hormones have won the battle over synthetic hormones and it's left my body a bit confused. Hoping this will settle down over the next couple of days.

And after feeling so energised over the weekend, today I'm tired and it's disheartening. I had a tough speed session yesterday - 1 mile repeats. But I ran it conservatively and only ran 3 of the 4 repeats at speed. And even though I was so conservative, I felt beaten up for the rest of the day. I even needed a lie-down before work. My optimism over a quick recovery was dented. It's silly really - I know that the supplements will take at least a month to kick in and 3 months to really make a difference. But I'm human which means I'm impatient.

So this is my plan.
I will not run more than 3 times a week for a month from the date of starting the supplements.
I will only run at a moderate intensity.
I will make sure I get adequate sleep. (Does anyone know of a cure for snoring?)
I will be diligent in taking my supplements.
I will provide my body with good quality fuel.
I will work on my little issue of hip instability so I feel like I'm not just marching on the spot.
And I will keep reminding myself that good things are worth waiting for - Patience Grasshopper!


  1. You do sound down. You have had more than your share of disasters. And it is hard not to be at our best and wanting to do more. Your steps sound great - good luck with following them.

  2. Hang in there! You've got a plan...you can do this! And yes, turn off the disaster coverage- there is such a thing as overload!

  3. You really need to tune all the bad news out. You guys have had more than enough.
    A couple of months ago I just could not listen to the news anymore and I am a news junkie. It gets overwhelming to hear about all the nasty stuff in the world. It is depressing.
    Your plan looks good to me. If you learn of any snoring cures let me know.

  4. You guys have had more than your share of natural disasters and you're right - ENOUGH!

    Snoring? I started wearing ear plugs years ago due to a snorer and now I can't even sleep without them, any tiny sound wakes me up. Careful, cuz you may miss your alarm going off - ha!

    Hang in there girl! I'm about as down a I've ever been and I just gotta not give up hope and never can you. This is only temporarly, and your new pan is going to help !! :)

  5. Sorry to see you are feeling low. All we have on the news here at the moment is the earthquake and Libya as well. Your plans for rest and sleep look good - hope you start to feel better soon.

  6. You do have a lot going on there...reason to feel down! I remember after Sept. 11, it was truly saturation of the disaster. You have to step away from it, sometimes, I think.

    I like that you have a game plan, though. Good luck with it.

  7. I'm amazed at all the disasters that is occurring in that area. I can understand that you have an overload. Hang in there and stick to your plan.

  8. I hope those steps help you feel better and stay healthy, and that your body stops giving you such a beating! Chin up!!

  9. This week the earthquake in New Zealand and last month one of the worst floods Brisbane has ever had. I've followed the news about the disasters in that special part of the world: I hope you'll feel better soon!

  10. I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling down - I know what you mean about all that news coverage of disasters - it is so disheartening and sad - it can't be healthy to hear that all the time when there is nothing we can do to help the people in it.
    As for snorning, I have one little thing that helps - I give my husband a friendly shove so he turns over, because he only seems to snore when he is lying on his back.
    Hang in there!
    Hugs from chilly Belgium

  11. I know when that kind of coverage is on nonstop it takes a toll... hopefully you can turn it off for a bit... so sorry for all you! But your plan sounds good and those endorphins should kick in and help you out!

  12. I am very sorry for what happened there. All the best and a big hug from Italy.


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