Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thanks For Rubbing It In

Since my last post it's been lovely to have so many women rub their handy-in-the-kitchen husbands in my face. I've been told of partners who do all the cooking and shopping. Ones who cook roasts while their better half is out running races. Barbecue kings and others that like to dabble in desserts. I even had one of my favourite running partners (male) come up to me on the warm up on Tuesday to regale me with tales of his home-made pasta. No longer one of my favourites Elio!

So it's official. My better half is a kitchen dud! Just as well there are other rooms in our house that he can redeem himself in. And for those who have their minds in the gutter, I was actually referring to the toilet. He's a dab hand with that toilet brush!

I probably should have known that he was never going to make the short-list of Masterchef from the first time that I tasted his mother's cooking. After all most men develop their palates from their mother's cooking. And his mother was a dreadful cook.

There is no malice in that statement. It's just God's honest truth. She has been the only person that I've ever known who's managed to get boiled beans greasy.

The main aim for food in his household was to not waste any of it so it took years to convince him that he shouldn't eat mouldy bread, jam or cheese. And that leftovers were probably better left after a fortnight. His mother had taught him well to clear his plate and be grateful for everything. So, despite my complaints about having to take sole responsibility in the kitchen, I know I'm cooking for an appreciative audience.

And there are always side-benefits to being the chief cook. I get to choose what the menu is so I get to cook what I want to eat. And if I want to eat chicken and rice three nights in a row then so be it. If you want to complain about the lack of variety well you're quite welcome to borrow the frilly apron and take charge.

And in other news, this came in the mail on Monday.

Not second place like it had showed when the results were announced initially but I'm still happy with the result. Another medal to add to the collection - and the fact that it's not just a finishers medal makes it even more special.


  1. Love your medal!!!
    sorry - I might have been one of those. But - awesome that your husband does toilets - not my favorite thing at all!!!

  2. Now, I told you that my husband can burn cereal. No jealousy for that, I hope.

  3. Char, you are the better half...

    you have to be, you run! and win medals!

  4. A pink ribbon and all. It's a lovely medal Char. I feel sorry for the future wives of my four sons as I'm afraid I didn't teach them much at all. I'll be a nice mother-in-law though :)

  5. Sweet medal! You are making me think I should be teaching my boys to cook a bit more...

  6. When Michael and I are fixing dinner, I'll get a box out of the freezer and ask her how long I need to cook the contents for. She typically replies, you're a big boy what does the box say. So obviously I'm not a good cook either, but I'm learning to follow directions

  7. A toilet cleaner! I would take that and run with it! Mine has only cleaned the bathroom a handful of times in the last 20+ years. (But he does cook so I am keeping him.)

  8. Nice, congratulations!!

    My other half actually loves to cook, but since I work 8-4ish & he works 11-7ish, most of the time it either falls on me or we end up going/ordering out. Mostly the latter.

  9. My dad was actually pretty good around the house. My mum worked part-time and often nights so dad cooked our dinner (grilled-to-death steak, sausages or chops!) but always did the washing up and did the washing etc.. I think he was a good role model for my brother who does A LOT (ie. most) of the housework at his place.

  10. What a beautiful medal! Congrats!

  11. My husband is awful and no help in the kitchen. I must say we have very traditional roles in the chores we do. I would love to never cook a meal again but that's not going to happen.


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