Saturday, October 31, 2009


A few things have happened over the past few days which have made me realise that I have lots to be grateful for. Gratitude is hard to come by when things are not going as you'd planned. But gratitude really helps with attitude.

The first thing that happened was a conversation with one of Josh's friends. I just asked him how his Mum was doing. She used to belong to my running squad but had to have surgery. Recovery has not gone to plan and she now needs a walking stick to help her get around. She's about my age.

My next conversation was with a squad member who's coming back after almost a year absence. I thought she'd been injured but she'd actually been quite sick needing a few hospital stays.

I've been so frustrated with having to slow right down and cancel events but in the scheme of things it's only a small speed bump. I can still run and I have my health. I have a lovely family and lots of supportive friends. Generally life is good.

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