Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Businessing Like A Boss

I've been businessing my little butt off lately - ever since I decided that I would take my loud and proud tights to the world. And I've been learning so much.

I've learnt that notebooks are precious commodities and shouldn't be left in the reach of destructive Dalmatians. I've learnt that I might have enough technical knowledge to set up a website - but I'm not completely convinced that I will. I've learnt that if you're a one-person business you actually have to do everything on a project unless you outsource and you're still going to have to be the one to organise the person to outsource to so effectively you're the one doing everything.

I have spent hours on the computer. And, yes, it might have looked to my husband that a goodly amount of that was on Facebook (which it probably was, but my brain can take in only so much proper information without needing a fluff-break) but I have been mining the internet for nuggets of gold that are going to prove invaluable in this process.

I've been writing lists entitled 'Important Stuff I've Got To Do'. Yes, that's right - there are multiple lists that are all called the same thing. And that's because I keep thinking of other important stuffs that have to be done and then the old list becomes defunct. And I've been trying to attack at least one of the items on the list every day - on top of trying to cut out stuff to send to my machinist. It's been busy - but it's been fun busy.

On Tuesday the task I'd set to tick off was actually the task I'd set myself for Monday and not gotten around to doing. It was to decide what to have on my washing label for when I get my custom labels printed. I thought it wouldn't take long to do.

I was wrong.

But only because I got distracted by one of the sites that came up when I Googled 'washing labels'. Or it may have been 'funny washing labels'. Don't judge - businessing doesn't have to be all dull and boring.

Anyway I ended up deciding that I want to have something a little bit quirky on my washing labels after seeing these.

So far I've got all the boring, utilitarian stuff written.

Made in Australia
Cold Hand Wash or Gentle Machine Wash in Laundry Bag
Don't Wring, Iron, Tumble dry or Dry clean
Dry in Shade

I just haven't quite decided on the quirky. So far it's between 'Run Like a Girl' or 'Live Long and Perspire'.

Or if any of you comedic wordsmiths out there have any suggestions I'm totally open to them.


  1. Think I like the Run like a girl tag. I perspire way too much!

  2. Only made with free-range polyesters and lycras.

  3. Made in my office
    Made of Polyester/Lycra and loving care
    because they've been in hot legs best you cold wash!
    or GMW in laudry Bag, paper bags don't work, my husband tried!
    Don't wring, iron (I like not having to iron) or Dry clean (saving you money here)
    Dry in the shade (does this mean you can't wear them in the sun?)
    Oh and go with the run like a girl

  4. Are you gonna make plus size ones? I'd wear them! (If I ever exercise again!)

  5. Haha! Love this! I recently found one of those funny tags in a sweater one of my boys bought in Berlin - it said something like "just give it to your mother, she'll know how to wash it". Can't wait to see what you decide to go for! Oh and, FB is an important channel for marketing your product, so don't dismiss it as "Fluff" when you are doing legitimate work, right? ;-)

  6. This is so funny! I have heard of those funny tags but never found one in my own clothes. I believe my manager has a new suit and it says in the jacket: if a button falls off, give it to your wife to fix it.

  7. That's awesome! Yes you have to do one! You are so funny and clever you'll come up with something awesome! I haven't been reading as much and didn't know you were doing this! Very, very cool!

  8. No Tencel was harmed in the making of this garment.
    Warranty: new style PB or your money back.

  9. I've completely missed what you're doing here, but if you make anything with cow print or even a hint of cow print I can guarantee I'll have stacks of orders for you from the online running group I'm part of. Cows are our mascot, as my friend Alleycat knows!! tee hee.


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