Sunday, January 10, 2016

Run Amok Goes Live And Public

I did it!

I pressed publish and my website is now live.

Actually I pressed publish on Saturday and told just a few people so they could look at it and give me feed back. Invaluable feedback cause there were a couple of boo-boos. Like I'd forgotten to do anything on the mobile version of the site so it was pretty much unusable. Thank goodness it didn't take as long as the website to fix.

There does seem to be some slight issues on some people's devices. Like the side bits of the pages aren't there. Not sure why but, hey, I'm not sure how I did it all in the first place or how people on the other side of the world will be able to look at something I made on my computer at home so my lack of surety is really not a surprise is it?!

I'm sure there will be problems that I'll have to get sorted before it's all running smoothly. Other problems than me forgetting to fix the mobile site. But I'm getting way better at telling people in India that I'm a virtual imbecile. It's so much easier to swallow your pride when you know that Titus is never going to recognise you walking along the street so the chance of him pointing and laughing at you are almost negligible. And I say 'almost' because I watched one episode of CSI: Cyber.

So here it is if you want to have a look. Let me know if you have any issues with the site - and also let me know if you know how to fix them.

My gorgeous nieces Lily and Ally

Now all I have to do is let the world know that I'm ready for business. Kind of. I think.

And in other news - Iven ran his second Parkrun on Saturday. Yay Iven! He did kind-of have to since we spent some money on running gear for him so he looked more like a real runner rather and less like a confused tourist who thought people were running away from a fire or a crazed gunman.

I'm not sure he really loved every single minute of it but he did smash his PB by about 4 minutes. Go Ive! And he wants to go back for more. But maybe try a different parkrun that doesn't have bridges to run over.

He wasn't the only member of my family to attend. Sam and fiancĂ©e Hannah also gave it a crack. And Hannah talked her sister Milly into running as well. Josh was going to run too - until someone kicked his foot at indoor soccer and made his toe swell. Maybe next time. 

Both girls looked pretty awesome in their Run Amok tights. Not that I'm biased in any way, shape or form.

My second parkrun was not as great as my first but I had run a solid 12k the day before and done most of my long run just prior to the start. Not at all unhappy with my time and I still won my age group. But I'm with Iven on the hating the bridges thing. If only we could run on water.


  1. Yay for Iven for going back for more. And a bigger yay that your new business has been launched. Have scheduled to share on my FB page later (though it doesn't have many followers....) and will share on my personal page as well.

    Good luck getting the mobile / responsive site finalised (and don't forget any social media links). You'll also have to encourage purchases to share their #runningamok pics on Instagram, Twitter, FB etc...

    Very excited for you!

  2. Well done! Congratulations on the launch! I do have issues with the edges of the site, and also - just a thought - it's actually rather hard to get to the sales part. The menu bar is a bit unobtrusive.

    1. I've had some other people who have trouble with the edges of the site. I'll have to talk to the tech people and try to get that sorted and I've moved the menu button so hopefully it's a bit more obvious. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Congratulations Char!!! Will place an order soon. Is there a separate FB page for the business to share or is your blog FB the one to share???

    1. My Blog FB one is the one to share. It's now got a shop on that page.

    2. ta. will share!!

  4. Way to go Char! Your own website - that is so awesome! I'm sure your business is going to go really well -despite any hiccups with the website. And not to forget - well done, Iven!

  5. good luck with getting everything running smoothly...

    I struggled to find your sight, but through stalking you on facebook I was able to find a link. googleing didn't work, but I'm sure in a could of weeks that will all change...

  6. Congrats on your website, it looks great and I hope it will be extremely succesful.
    I see that Ricky has been modeling for you too :) (or isn't that Ricky).

    What a fun family event you had at the Parkrun.

  7. Congrats on going live! It all looks great to me. Just jelly I can't buy. Is that Ricky I see making a cameo appearance?

  8. AWESOME!! I totally want some now.

  9. Righto, well I'm going to share your site with my online running group. Hope you get some business out of it. Hmmmm two words though ... COW PRINT ! And I would almost guarantee that you'd get an order from all 793 members ;-) Just sayin'


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