Sunday, February 12, 2017

Resisting The Urge For Mischief

Sometimes it's hard to resist being naughty.

I'm not talking about really naughty. I'm just talking about mischievous. So you can have a little laugh. Because life gets too serious and we should always look for every opportunity to have a little laugh.

Just yesterday an opportunity presented itself that was so hard to resist that I didn't even bother. And the opportunity arrived in the form of a Snapchat video from the son of a close friend. A very innocent Snapchat of his girlfriend and him heading somewhere in a car.

"Where are we going?" I asked. At this stage I didn't know how off-target the conversation was going to get. Innocent video - innocent question.

"To a baptism" came the response.

Quite a few minutes of silence followed until another ping on my phone with a photo of a very ornate church interior. A lot like the interior of a Greek or Russian Orthodox church.

"Is it some kind of Orthodox church?" I asked. Again - innocent curiosity.

"I don't know. Haha. All the different kinds of Christian churches look the same to me. But a lot of the churches here in Denmark look like this."

"Just looked a bit Russian or Greek orthodox with those pictures. Yeah, there's too damned many different kinds of churches. Hmm - hope you don't get struck by lightening by reading the work 'damned' in church"

It was around here that the evil little voice in my head told me that I had an opportunity here.

"Thanks for that. But we don't have many lightning storms here so I should be okay"

So he's in church. Not particularly invested in the ceremony. Checking on his phone whenever it vibrates. If I say something a little outrageous and inappropriate I might be able to get him to laugh. Or at least stifle a laugh.

"God can create lightning just by rubbing two sticks together. So you'd better think good thoughts. And not fart out loud. Silent farts, however, are acceptable."

When this turned up on the next ping I knew I'd succeeded.

Oops. My bad! But really if you have the opportunity to make someone laugh at the wrong moment in the wrong place on the opposite side of the world where there can be no direct ramifications, who wouldn't?!!


  1. Hee! I'm glad I wasn't reading this post in church, because it made me chuckle out loud too.

  2. Ha! I remember going to church with my mother a few years ago and threatening to live-tweet the whole service. She said she'd prefer I didn't go.... Hee hee.

  3. Why do we have to be always serious in a church?

  4. I could share some funny childhood memories in church.

  5. Haha. The last time I went to church was at Easter, with my Dad, and Mum who had been allowed of her nursing home for the day. I really wanted to take photos of the occasion but I didn't know if you were allowed to take photos in church, so I didn't. I wish I had now, but Mum probably would have given me a clip around the ear!


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