Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thank God It's Sunday!

Finally it's Sunday! It's been a crazy busy week (couple of weeks) and at last I have a day with no obligations.

Monday, Josh went for a job interview. I think I mentioned about a week ago that he'd finally gotten a job. Well, my little boy continued to look at the job ads and found one he liked better. It's in the field of electronics and firmware development (please don't ask me what that is) and that was his ideal work. So he applied. And then came down to where I was working to ask what to do because he'd already accepted the other position. I suggested he call this company to ask when the job applications close and state his case. To cut a long story short, he rang and by the end of the day had a job interview. So Monday came and Josh made himself all pretty and by midday I'd had a call saying he'd 'owned' the interview. By Thursday he had a job offer and Friday he called the first job up and told them the bad/good news.

I had to work most of last weekend getting a huge order (that I've been working on for a month) finished in time for a competition. By Monday night I'd sewn the last stitch and the costumes were ready to go. They were picked up on Friday and late that afternoon I had a call from the coach apologizing profusely. Two girls had joined one of the teams and she'd forgotten to tell me so she was two costumes short and can I make them up for her in a rush. Poo! Poo! Bum! Bum! Why does the buck always stop with me?!! If I don't get them done a whole team of girls doesn't get to compete and they'll be so disappointed so then I'll feel bad but I already had more than enough work to do this week so I guess it'll be more late nights.

Running has been awesome! My speeds aren't back to where I want them but I'm feeling so much stronger. Yesterday's long, slow run was a tough, hilly route but I felt great up to 20k. I was trialling a new form of nutrition Powerbar Gel Blasts. They are a jelly lolly style and I decided to have 3 at a traffic stop. Big mistake! I ended up with an awful stitch and had to keep stopping to walk and stretch over the next 2 k. I don't get stitches so I'm blaming the Gel Blasts and I'll be sticking to gels in the future.

But my run yesterday capped off 55k for the week and I'm really happy with the total and the quality. I'm starting to think of races that I want to enter for the year and in the back of my mind I'd love to do the Sydney Half and then the marathon in Melbourne again. And I'd love it if Josh would follow through with his plans and do them with me. Fingers crossed.


  1. Congrats to your pays to go after what you want :)

    Glad your running is coming along nicely...I've tried the gel blasts and although I've had some side stitches, I've never linked the two...I'll have to be more observant.

    Hope you get those costumes done and still have time for a little you time!

  2. Hope you get to run with Josh. That would be so much fun! Good luck with the costume.s

  3. Yay for good running - boo for a stress filled week! I had the same. At least we have the running to give us a little escape, right?

  4. Well done to your son with his job. Great running from you - although I get confused because you always work in km, and I can only think in miles...

  5. What would we do without running to keep us sane? Oh, I know what I would do, I would eat everything in the fridge.
    Congrats to your son.

  6. Good news about your family: I'm so glad that your son has gotten a job in his ideal field :)

    Sydney and Belbourne, that's a great running plan!
    Have a nice training!

  7. You are always busy! Congratulations to your son, that is really great. Good to hear your running is going so well. Have a good week!

  8. Hope you enjoyed some downtime today! I love Sunday, especially oncd my long run is done. :)

    So glad you are feeling better and building back up!

  9. So, tell me more about these costumes...what exactly do you do? I still have a lot to learn about you so forgive me if this is stupid question that I should know already. I'd rather ask then be superficial and not really know but make some blanket comment anyway like good luck with those costumes. :)

    yay for your son getting this job!

  10. 55km/week is a great achievement, well done. And that you fitted it in while making the dreams of others come true - that's fantastic.

  11. That's so exciting for your son - yay! My daughter just lost her job - maybe she should move to Australia :).

    Glad you got the large project done, gotta feel so good huh?!?

    Have a great week!!

  12. seriously very cool that he found a job he is excited about!!

  13. Would be soooooo cool to run with Josh!!!

    Rock the costumes lady! I love all your awesome talents!!

  14. Yes that's true, Sometimes I feel the same. I also fired up with busy schedule.
    dean graziosi


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