Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Break-in

Many, many years ago our house was broken into.

We'd been out at my parents' place for dinner and arrived home to find the back door and some windows open. But weirdly, nothing had been taken (or if it had been, I didn't notice). The kids' Playstation was out on the coffee table. What little jewellery I had was still in my top draw (the left one, if you're wanting to know specifics for your own nefarious purposes - really don't have much that's not junk). All our electronic stuff was where we had left it. As fas as burglaries went, we'd been lucky. And that was probably because of our very old, very blind Labrador cross.

Fast forward to this Friday. Easter Friday. We were out at another family function - Easter brunch at my sister's house. It's a family tradition and it's a good one. The entire extended family gathers and eats till we need to sleep - which wasn't that late for me due to our long run that morning and the accompanying early start.

This year we had a few additions to the gathering. An Aunt and Uncle were over from Western Australia. And then there were my niece's beautiful little boys - the cutest little Easter Bunnies I've ever seen.

It was a lovely morning of food and laughter and talking and more food (thank goodness I started the day with a run) but by midday we were ready to find a bed so we took off home.

We walked in the house. Nothing unusual to tip us off that something had happened in out absence. Toby and Bubbles greeted us at the door - Toby with the closest soft toy he could grab in his mouth. We walked up the hallway and through the kitchen I could see that the back door was wide open. And at that point I knew something was terribly wrong. 

We'd been broken into again. A million things raced through my mind. Grateful that my dogs weren't hurt but annoyed that Toby had probably greeted the burglars with the same soft toy he'd greeted us with - useless guard dog! Then there was a very short list in my head of what I'd be upset about if it had been taken. Just one item. My Grandma's engagement ring. It's the one thing I have that is irreplaceable apart from our family photographs and I can't imagine a burglar wanting to steal those.

My frantic, racing head was brought to a screeching stop when I heard a voice from the lounge room. A voice that I hadn't heard (except over the phone) since two days after Christmas. My #1 son had decided to make a surprise trip home. Nothing was terribly wrong at all - it was all wonderfully right.

Best Easter surprise ever!

Everyone was happy he made the trip home but Toby has made the most of his visit and the extra cuddles.

And of course a special trip home deserved the ritual baking of Sam's favourite cupcakes - decorated in a seasonal theme.

I hope you've all had a great Easter. And if you didn't get any Easter eggs I have to apologise. Toby is still holding the Easter Bunny hostage until he gets some too.


  1. Awesome easter surprise :-)
    Toby …. put the bunny down!!

  2. I can imagine that terrible feeling when you'd thought it was a burglary. And then the delight to see your son. What a great surprise! Happy Easter!

  3. Oh - I'm so happy that it was your son home to visit!!! Best surprise ever! Glad you are a runner so that your heart rate could come back down to normal quickly after the initial scare!

  4. Aww what a great surprise!! Toby probably did great him with the same toy!!
    Our labrador walks around with shoes in her mouth, they really are a breed aren't they!!
    Glad you had a great easter, the 2 easter bunnies are just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

  5. greet not great, 2 all nighters with a sick baby has turned my brain to mush!!

  6. what a wonderful surprise! Happy Easter, Char!

  7. Could there be a better Easter than a surprise visit from you son (aside from those adorable twin bunnies!)? I think not! Enjoy your visit....I know I'd be savoring every second (as I'm sure you are!)

  8. Phew - thank goodness it wasn't a burglar and a nice surprise instead!

  9. I would have slapped him around the head for leaving the door open.

    Then baked the cupcakes.

    YAY for surprise visits! I was kinda hoping mine would turn up at the door, sure it was only 2 days since she moved away, but a mum can hope...

  10. A lovely surprise!!! And god those cakes look good!

  11. Yaaay! How lovely. Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend.

  12. I too started this Easter Monday with a run.

    If I were to spent this Easter weekend in Brisbane I wouldn't think about my cholesterol level ... I would try your Easter cupcakes :) They look deliciuos, In addition, they are really nice.

    Glad to hear about your son. Happy Easter, Char!

  13. So he was there to steel your hearts and food....

  14. That is a great surprise! I was reading in anticipation as we had a break in during Easter some years ago.

  15. What a great surprise, so happy for you (and the adorable Toby of course) your boy was home with Easter.

  16. What a truly wonderful Easter surprise.

    I am constantly amazed at how much Toby likes stuffed animals without destroying them.


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