Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Highlights

Time is not my friend at the moment. There's been way too much to do in almost impossible time frames. I've been sacrificing weekends since March and even then only just been able to keep my head above water. I feel like a duck - trying to look like I'm floating gracefully along but under the water my feet are paddling frantically to keep up.

Working a lot of extra hours per week has meant that I've had to let a couple of training sessions go. Not easily done when you like ticking off every single session and adding up the kilometres run per week. But I'm not a full-time, sponsored athlete. And I need money to support my running habit. So sometimes I have to prioritise my paying job - but if anyone is open to sponsoring a 50+ runner who's not very talented but it enthusiastic, I'm open to negotiations. (Funnily enough, though, making rocky road has made it up the priority list a little higher than running. Probably because I need some reward at the end of another long day.)

So because life's been a bit of 'all work and little play' I've had to make the most of what little play I have had. Yesterday Iven and I stole a bit of precious time to go to the movies. The movie we'd decided to see was called The Invisible Woman - about Charles Dickens mistress - and because it wasn't a blockbuster we had to go to and arthouse cinema to see it.

Arthouse cinemas are wonderful things. They give you access to some interesting, obscure and downright weird movies. They generally appeal to an older demographic so you can rest your head back on the seat without fear of being infected with head lice. But being that the audience is a little older doesn't mean that it's better behaved. Older can often mean a little hearing impaired so whispers that are meant for your neighbour's ears only can be heard by the entire congregation. I left the theatre knowing how many times the coughing lady one row up had seen her GP about her nasty productive cough - eww phlegm overshare. And about the state of someone's daughter's divorce. Thank goodness no one got onto the topic of bowels because I've heard that ranks only second to weather in hot conversational topics in the elderly.

The movie wasn't great. Maybe it was my state of being busy, busy, busy and needing to go, go, go but I found a lot of the scenes really dragged. But the outing was great because of an interaction with the ticket collector.

We'd arrived early, bought our tickets and wanted to get a coffee to enjoy while we were watching the movie. But we wanted to check that they didn't mind us bringing one in. So we asked the ticket collector. He was probably in his late 60s and obviously enjoyed having a chat and a laugh with the patrons. He told us that we could bring in a coffee as long as it had a lid and as long as we got him one too. Oh, and he took two sugars.

So we went and got our coffees. And, because he wouldn't be expecting it, we got him one as well.

His face was priceless when we gave it to him. Confusion then surprise then a big smile. Heaven knows if he drinks flat whites but it didn't really matter.

We went and took our seats and a little while later he came down the aisle saying that no good deed should go unpunished. He presented us with a discount card to the cinema. I'm thinking that he wants us back so he can get more coffees.

The other highlights of the weekend (apart from two runs which were just what my head needed ) was the 1-0 win by the Roar football team to make it through to the grand final next weekend.

Luke and Becky off to the Semi-final.

And I discovered a pretty uncanny resemblance of the US Secretary of State to a muppet. Uncanny isn't it?!

So now it's over to you. What was the highlight or highlights of your weekend?


  1. How lovely is that ticket man? Awesome. I think my weekend highlight was a couple of sleep-ins - bliss!

  2. I love that y'all really brought a coffee for the ticket taker!!!
    My weekend has included a long drive, hotel time and lots of time with my sister and her family including my new niece (she is 1 week old).

  3. Of course, we are not full-time athletes: we should think first of all about family, job and friends .. Secondly, tempo runs. workouts, up-hill repeats and running drills

    Are you going to get the ticket collector more coffees? :) ... Nice comparison between the US Secretary of State and a muppet, you made me laugh.

    The highlight of our weekend? It was our 24° wedding anniversary. We had gone to Rome where we visited 70 works from the "Musée d'Orsay". Those wonderful painting will be there until June 8th. If you were to visit Rome from April to June 8th you would also see that painting exposition.

  4. Aw bless! Coffee for the ticket man! Well one good turn deserves another. As for the football - is that football football or the barbarism known as Aussie rules? :)

    1. It's the one true football - with the round ball. We used to call it soccer but my sons are all purists and have banned that word in our house.

  5. That last one caught me by surprise and had me laughing out loud :) you are so right, he is a muppet!

    Such a great story about the ticket collector, you probably made his day.

    My weekend was easy, no long walks. It was King's Day on Saturday meaning it is celebrated all over the country but I never participate in it. I first thought your son and his girlfriend were in Holland this weekend because we dress in orange too for King's day :)

  6. Personally I think you'd be an excellent athlete to sponsor. How great you got the ticket guy a coffee!
    Yes, muppet for sure. : /

  7. Wait. So is the Muppet the first picture or the second picture?

  8. Our highlight of the weekend is easy...grandchild #2 came into the world.

    I love the pay it forward story. Awesome of you guys to do that! I'm sure it was a huge surprise for you to show back up with coffee :)

  9. Love the coffee story! It's great.
    Highlight of my weekend - being home.

  10. what a lovely post. You are an awesome lady, and don't beat yourself up about being busy...we all have those crazy times in life!

  11. Ha ha ha! Love this - random acts of kindness are awesome and seem to be happening a lot lately. And the nice thing about them is that the good deed gets repeated.

  12. I must admit my two experiences at art movie theatres are the reason there are only two experiences. I think I might be just too much of a nature/outdoor/animal & tree hugger type for art movies. Then again, I don't enjoy going to any movie. My t-shirt that says "born to run, forced to work" comes to mind. My highlight... spending time with my wife without any kids around :)

  13. Oh, love the story about the ticket collector - that's a classic! How wonderful such a nice gesture is appreciated!


  14. I love the similiarties with the muppet! They reallya are uncanny.

  15. pretty nice blog, following :)

  16. Oh, my, that John Kerry/Muppet comparison was priceless - you made my whole day. I can't stop laughing. Thank you :)

    I live very close to an art house theatre and I completely know what you mean about the chit chat. It took me awhile to adjust to, but now I consider it an essential part of the movie.


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