Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's Not Bigamy If You Just Propose

I knew Saturday's run was going to be hard even before I'd run a step.

I'd known it was going to be hard for the week before. As soon as I'd seen what the weather was supposed to be. And I'd been hoping all week that the forecast would change. A low of 23C with the chance of showers and maybe storms. That means only one thing in my world. A really humid, sweaty, chafe-inducing run. And I had 24k to get done.

I was even desperate enough to beg Coach Chris to do something about the weather.

He had some lame excuse why he couldn't help out. Well, two can play at that game. His cake plate may be empty when his birthday comes around next year. If I can remember to hold a grudge for that long.

When I woke up at 4:15am it didn't feel like 23C. And it wasn't. 25 with a feels-like of almost 30. Oh yay!

Thank goodness that I'd organised to run with someone or I may have stayed in bed and skipped the first four kilometres that had to be done before meeting up with the squad. Yes, there was a little bit of rain but not enough to make any difference to the temperature. It was just going to be a matter of keeping a very moderate pace, drinking often and trying to keep my mind off how horrible it was by passing the time talking to Craig, one of the men-not-my-husband-who-I-meet-in-the-dark.

I'm going to blame it on the torrid conditions. The fact that I did something out of character. Something that my husband doesn't need to know about. Something that Craig's wife shouldn't know about either if she's the jealous type.

I'm going to blame it on being dehydrated. Heat stressed. Slightly crazed. Possibly hallucinating. My brain wasn't functioning at it's normal rational, sensible level.

Somehow these words slipped out of my mouth.

"Will you marry me?"

But what's a girl to do when she hears that her companion regularly cooks dinner for the family?! And does the shopping!! I thought that men who did that were unicorns. Urban myths.

I took back the proposal when I heard that he wasn't a very good cook. But I'm willing to revisit it if he takes a few classes. And I'll even proffer some suggestions of cuisine to focus on - Thai, Vietnamese and Indian. No need to worry about the sweets side of things. I've got that covered.

And in the meanwhile I'll just have to put up with my husband of 29 years who I can manipulate into buying me my favourite Vietnamese takeaway by making him think it was his idea.


  1. Now I feel like Vietnamese takeout. I don't do enough exercise to enjoy treats like that though. I'm not sure your husband should be letting you out of his sight Char! Lol.

  2. Uh-oh, Char, sounds like a slippery slope to me! Your husband is going to have to watch out!

  3. 04h15 and that wasn't even for a race... My wife would never let me get up that early for a training run. In fact I went running at 14h00 yesterday! lucky for me lunch want to big and I only had 1 beer...

  4. HaHa - sounds like a good one to propose to!! I'm fortunate - Chris cleans, cooks and shops - I came home from my weekend to dinner cooking, a clean house and groceries stocked and laundry all done - I'll keep him!!!

  5. My husband can't cook at all and is a terror in the grocery store (think 2 hour trips that result in 7 [wrong] items). But I knew that going in, and suffer through it for his good qualities, like willingness to brew and fetch my coffee whenever I request.

  6. JIm loves to grill, so it's a good compromise at our house. I cook most of the year, but in the summer it's almost all on him :)

    And I'm just going to have to assume it was hot for your know we Americans don't understand Celsius lol

  7. LOL! Mine never cooks but truth be told: I don't want him to either, I like it too much myself. Now if only I can talk him into doing grocery shopping but then I'm afraid he brings back the wrong stuff.

  8. (Without Google'ing it) I think C to F is double it and add 32, so your run was a "feels like" of 92F, which is a sauna. But I have young ladies like yourself proposing to me all the time ... on perfectly comfortable days when they're not running. Does it get old ... sure ... but it's just part of being me.

  9. Really. With a name like Gale he should be able to organise more extreme weather. I don't miss those 30C long runs...I do miss weather that's above freezing, and not being blown over by 30km/h winds!

    I'm pretty sure polygyny is illegal in Australia so you could just have a harem - one man to cook and do the grocery shopping, one to clean the bathroom, etc. I'm glad I married a scientist - they know how to follow recipes. :)

    1. *polygamy. Fat fingers, illiterate phone.

  10. You shameless hussy you!!! And I agree, better the devil you know!


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