Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Where Did He Get It From?

I don't know where he gets it from.

I'm talking about my #1 son. One of the lights of my life. Except for the fact that he graduated as a physiotherapist and moved to Melbourne almost straight away - before I could utilise his free services. He wouldn't charge the mother who'd changed his poopy nappies, wrote poetry assignments for him, kept him supplied with cupcakes, brownies and cookies which were in hot demand for lunchtime bartering and supported him from the side of the soccer pitch for what would add up to be years of my life. Would he?

All bitterness aside, I recognise a lot of his traits as ones he's gotten from me. All the good ones of course. The not-so-good and the little-bit-annoying ones came from his father. Obviously!

But there's one that has me totally stumped. And he showed it in all its blazing glory last week. After I'd sent him a slightly bragging, please-pat-me-on-the-back text. About the race. And my, let's be honest here, awesome result.

And because I'm being honest I'll admit that part of the reason that I had to brag to him was because he'd run a 5k the previous weekend and run it in 24 mins. My 23:06 was obviously superior and I wanted him to know that there's a bit of life in his old mum yet.

His response was as gratifying as I'd wanted. "Wow fast Mum. I'll have to pick up my pace."

I didn't know I'd poked the dragon. But I realised it when I got this text later that afternoon.

Competitive much? Actually I'm kind of flattered that my time was respectable enough for him to want to beat it. 

So I'm wondering which race I should enter to try to beat his 22mins. And I'm still trying to work out where he got that competitive streak from.


  1. If you do all the age grading you still have him beat by a mile. Just saying...

  2. This made me so happy!! I just read the texting part to my husband and youngest son! The first time one of my boys beats me it will definitely be on!! They are still trying to beat me but so far.....
    I feel sure that a sub 22 is in your future!!!

  3. time to get training... that 22 is so yours!

  4. Haha! I wonder. I compete with my second son in certain things but he always beats me. Your son sounds lovely.

  5. LOL! Boys do get annoyed if they are beaten by, of all people, their mums!

  6. Well, you obviously win, but the question remains - where do achieve sub-22? Where is the flattest, coldest place around with a race?

  7. You made me laugh, Char! Of course, you can reach a sub 22 min. on a 5k race. I think you could run at an average pace between 04:22 and 04:25 min./km along a 5k flat track.

  8. That's awesome that he took so much pride in beating you speedy. And did you just confess to forging his homework?

  9. Hilarious. Pretty clear he got the competitive streak from you, though. ;)

  10. I agree, the good ones from the mom and the bad ones from the father like in every normal family.
    I am sure you can run a sub 22 but I suggest to say:
    1. The paths and the weather conditions were different;
    2. My race was more crowded;
    3. There were not official witness when you have run in 22 minutes.

  11. LOL, I agree with Black Knight on this one!!! Great job to you both!

  12. I can't imagine where that competitive spirit comes from!?!?!

  13. Love this! Life is so much more fun with some good healthy competition.


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