Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Life On The Upswing

It happens every Easter - well, every Easter since I've been in my running squad. I think "great, I've got a bit of time off work so it'll be awesome to do some extra running" and every year Coach Chris sends out a NO RUN ban for the long weekend. I truly understand his logic. Lots of people are away. We've been training hard for a few months and a weekend off won't hurt and can only help those with niggly injuries. It'll refresh us for the next few months leading up to the racing season. But I have my needs. And sanity over the long Easter break where nothing has been planned involves running. And the guilt-free consumption of copious amounts of Easter eggs also involves running. So every year I have broken Coach Chris's NO RUN rule and gone out on a surreptitious run.

But this year will be different. This year I have permission to run. And Coach Chris is actually leading a run of a few select squad members (ones that have important events in the very near future). Woohoo!

And even better than this - he's mapped out a whole new run for the occasion. 25k of virgin territory for our little group. The only downside is the number of hills and I know that there'll be lots and we all know how I feel about hills.

Running has been so uplifting for me lately. Every runs a winner baby, that's the truth. It's nice to be able to run and then back up the next day if I want to. Saturday I had my long run which was 23k along one of my least favourite (hilly) areas and apart from matching little toe blisters (new socks), a bush toilet visit and a burst blood vessel in my finger (from retying my shoes after trying to wiggle the sock seam off the sore spot) it was a good run.

Sunday was supposed to be a rest day but I'd missed a run during the week and Sam was playing a soccer match at the Uni so I decided to do a split run - run to the Uni, watch the match then run home. I even convinced my youngest Luke to run with me. He now gets that his Mum is quite fit. He took the easy option home (Dad in the car) while I rounded out my 11k.

Tuesday was speed session and it was 1 mile repeats. It's a tough set because the course has a hill at the beginning. I ran 4 repeats - 7:18 (a bit fast), 7:31, 7:33 (both spot on) then 7:40. When I got home I compared the times to the last few times that I ran this set and they were better!! That makes me smile.

Then today I went for a nice 11k run trying to stay relaxed and keep my heart rate down. 155 bpm is pretty good for me so again :)

Yesterday was also a very good work day because
a) I got paid by a group I'd been waiting on for a couple of weeks
b) One of my fabric suppliers sent a parcel of fabric and included a whole pile of chewy mints as a little Easter gift AND
c) The customer who I'd had to explain my pricing to last week ($220 for 14 hours of labour is really good value whether you've supplied the fabric or not) came to pick up the leotard and brought me a bottle of wine as a thank you.

These nice little things totally made up for the fact that I cut out 12 leotards in the wrong fabric and now have to re-cut them. I think it's time for a little holiday from work so I can put my head back in gear.


  1. "...a few select squad members..." Well then - it's good to be special. Have an excellent run!

  2. Mints.........wine............what's next for a thank you?

  3. You are special, and if you have ever doubted that, now you know.
    Happy Easter and more happy runs to come.

  4. Glad your running is going so well! Enjoy your guilt free Easter weekend ;-)

  5. Every run's a winner - sounds great! Glad to hear how much you are enjoying running these days, and that your son appreciates your fitness!

  6. Woohoo, what a happy post! Lots to smile about going into the long weekend.

  7. Great runs, Char! I Hope you'll have a beautiful Easter Weekend!

  8. yes Char having a coach does seem to be working for you! Thanks for
    or your comments as usual. And have a nice Easter. You know until you mentioned it I had forgotten it was coming up. Bloody heathens I live with ;)

  9. Indeed a very good running period. The best way to spend Easter holidays.
    ....and your son MUST know that mom is always fit and in perfect shape.
    Enjoy the Easter week end.


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