Monday, July 21, 2014

Philosophy and Snap Weddings

Life is hard sometimes.

And by hard I mean can't-eat-because-I'm-so-concerned hard. The tough stuff I've alluded to over the last couple of months has been on-going. And sometimes it's seemed really dark.

But what I've discovered is that when it's really dark the little glimmers of light shine brighter. Little things like finding a note from your favourite trolley boy man in with your groceries.

I'm pretty sure that a lot of customers ended up with notes like this but I'm pretending that I was the only one. And yes, that's a chocolate cake mix stain on the note.

I've also found that when you're feeling most alone that people come out of the woodwork to surround you with love and concern so you no longer feel so alone.

So yes, life can be really hard at times but it's in the hard times that we realise just how blessed we are. I have a wonderful family. I have amazing friends. I have my health. I have my dog who just seems to know when to climb up on my lap for a cuddle. AND I have about three kilos which I'm really going to enjoy putting back on - I'm not a worry-eater.


We had a family wedding last weekend. It was one of the fastest arranged weddings I've ever heard of. None of this book-a-venue-a-year-ahead stuff. It was all done and dusted in about a month.

Luckily our family has been blessed with amazing skills to be able to pull it together so quickly. My youngest two sisters, Cindy and Lucy, are extraordinarily good shoppers and took care of the dress and the suit. Cindy, a hairdresser, doubled up on hair duty. My Mum organised the reception venue and did the flowers. Dad was chauffeur. And I did the cake. 

Orn and Dad (and his prized '37 Chevy)


Annie - the cutest flower girl ever.

My family minus Sam, Hannah and Becky - snap weddings mean that not everyone can make it.

No it wasn't perfect but yes, I'm pretty proud of it. And yes, it was a challenge to cut.

Pretty proud of my family.


  1. Your cakes are nothing short of amazing.

  2. Well, I'm sorry that you have had a rough time lately but - you look awesome! That picture of you and your family is great.
    And, the cake is beyond phenomenal!!! Those flowers are so gorgeous!

  3. Oh Char, sorry you're having a bad time. Hope things improves soon. (And the wedding looked great!)

  4. How can life be hard when you can make cakes like that...?

    (and run)

  5. Even though it was a tough go - everyone looks beautiful, the cake is gorgeous, the little one is adorable, and congratulations to the bride and groom - many happy, healthy years!

  6. I think there's much to be said for weddings that don't require a year+ of planning. Way to pull together! Hope what's worrying you fades away soon.

  7. That cake is so beautiful! What is a trolley man?

  8. Great pic of you and your family.

    You know as well as I after the tragic events with flight MH17 that life is precious and we are blessed to be alive and healthy. Your country was hitted the hardest after ours and I was so touched to see a Boeing of your air force bringing your and our people home. Have you seen the respect that was shown to them when they were transported from the airport to where they will be indentificated? You should look it up, it was heartbreaking. I was so proud to be Dutch at the ceremony.

  9. Awe, look at that little sweetie flower girl!

  10. Sorry to hear that you are going through a difficult time Char...hugs ((()))
    That cake is nothing short of amazing!!! Wow!! What an artist you are. My daughter got married last Saturday :) Everything seems to have worked out and you all look great...sounds like everything turned out perfectly regardless of the speedy prep time!

  11. Sorry for your bad time. I learned to appreciate the little daily things after all my incidents when I also "tried" what a wheelchair is.
    Beautiful pictures of the wedding.
    The cake looks (and for sure is) delicious.

  12. Your cakes are always amazing! I also find so many blessings when things get tough and then focus on those.

  13. A strong support system is what can keep one sane at times; wishing all the toughness away xx

  14. This looks pretty perfect to me!

  15. that cake is amazing. i hope you're ok :/

  16. Oh how I can empathize with you on the difficulty life can throw at us at times. It's been a pretty dark year in my world...which is why I don't write too much (where's the damn violins?). I'm glad your family and friends are finding you and bringing you some comfort.

    If my daughter ever gets married (um...she has no interest :( ) then I hope it's a quickie. I'm not good at this planning a year in advance stuff. I know just where to come when she does tie the knot (a boyfriend first might be helpful?).


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