Tuesday, February 17, 2015

W.W.Wednesday - Again

Yes, it's whingey, whiney Wednesday again.

I'm not sure why I feel at my whiniest on Wednesday. Could be that it's hump day. Could be that I just like alliteration and whingey, whiney Thursday just wouldn't cut it.

Sorry for that brief digression. I know you're all champing at the bit to know what I'm whining about this time. It's not about running. It's about something that we all can relate to - public toilets.

A lot of people have a fear of using public toilets. In fact so many people that it has its own name - parcopresis. I do not have this particular phobia. I'm quite happy to use the women's, the men's or the bush if that's all that's available to me. I actually quite like public restrooms with their free water and their free paper towels or hot air and the fact that I don't actually have to clean out the toilet bowl myself makes using public toilets a winner.

Two of my local shopping centres have recently undergone multi-million dollar transformations to make our shopping experience more special and exciting and fun - if the pictures on their advertising are anything to go by. Personally I've found my shopping experience since the upgrades pretty much the same but maybe I'm just not entering into the spirit of things. Actually, in one very important respect I've found the upgrade not to my taste. And that aspect is the restroom facilities.

Sure they look so much fancier now. They look clean and sanitised and sparkly and new but they have two significant drawbacks that make my once-pleasant toilet experience something that haunts me in my bad dreams.

The first is the lighting. Did you know that harsh fluorescent downlights can make your skin look like and eighty year old's? Wrinkly. Sagging. Cellulity. I swear it doesn't look that bad in natural light. Or maybe it does and I'm just delusional. But I have Googled plastic surgeons and full body lifts while I've been sitting there doing what I've got to do.

The second is the shape of the toiler seat. Who decided that rectangular seats were appropriate for roundish bottoms? Talk about round peg in a square hole! And my backside isn't even that generous. I'd hate to think how uncomfortable it is for the more generously proportioned amongst us. And judging by what I've seen in the food court, there's a lot of generously proportioned out there.

I'm not sure what the brain's trust was thinking when they made those two decisions. Maybe they just want to discourage patrons from spending an inordinate amount of time on the throne when they could be shopping. Maybe they want to discourage them from using the facilities at all. Or maybe they managed to get all those rectangular toilets cheap when the manufacturers realised that they were a bad idea. Personally I'm leaning towards the 'not using the facilities at all' unless absolutely desperate.

Looks like I'll be spending my pennies at home and my toilet brush will be getting a more regular workout.

I can't finish this post on such a negative note. So, acceding to requests from Jim, here are some puppy pictures.

Note that this is my seat

Photo credit - 'My Name is Jeff' Photography
And the cake's to take any of the sour taste of my whining out of your mouth.


  1. I'm pretty sure I've never experienced a rectangular toilet seat. Either that or I blocked it out. Holy cuteness Puppy is getting BIG!!

  2. You should have taken a picture of the new toilet seats... So we all could have gone, what! they want you to sit on that!

    Try running a race every weekend and standing in those long Q's... One of the reasons my wife doesn't run races anymore! What about the time I was running a 56km race and after 25km said bye to the guys I was running with as nature was calling. The door on the porapotty was a little open... so I opened it, but someone was sitting there!!! it frightened the S.H.1.T out of me so I joined the race again not needing to go anymore!

  3. That dog has a sense of entitlement I think! I tend to whinge on Thursday night. That's the peak of my whinginess during the week. I only have that phobia of public toilets if it's no. 2s. I know that's too much information but we're all friends here aren't we?

  4. There's a restaurant we go to occasionally that has those rectangular toilet seats and I agree with you - it's very odd and not that comfortable.

  5. Fluorescent lighting should be banned, plain and simple. I like a good toilet, but will happily use the bush, too!

    Loving the pup!

  6. Living in Asia, I've used all variety of toilets - but have yet to encounter one with a square seat. What the...?!?!

  7. What a beautiful cake! If I were to visit you, I would forget my cholesterol level. :) Nice pictures of the dog.

    This post reminds me that in Italy too there are rectangular seats in public toilets. I don't know why.

  8. Rectangular seats? Edges? WTF?!

    Keep forgetting to ask if Toby's jealous?

  9. Wherever we go, Boo has to check out the facilities... he is OBSESSED. He LOVES it.

    Drives me batty.

    That cake is amazing and the dog is beyond adorable. I would love a Dalmatian or a sausage dog, alas I fear I will end up with neither so will have to live vicariously through my blog friends.

  10. I can't imagine the reasoning behind a rectangular seat - I would think that it would be 100% awkward!!!
    Puppy is going to be big!!!

  11. I can't get over the puppy. There is NO WAY I'm showing my kids these pictures otherwise I'd have whiny, whining kids whining for another dog.

  12. I am sure that your Puppy doesn't complain for the rectangular seats, every place is good for him. However a man has less problems with the toilets....
    Here before a race there is always a "show".......


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