Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Crisis Of Confidence

I had a little crisis of confidence yesterday.

Not about my running - all's good there. Tapering's going fine. I haven't maimed or killed anyone yet. I haven't even thought of maiming or killing anyone. Hmmm - must be doing it wrong.

My crisis of confidence was over my appearance and it all started with a visit to the vet.

The dogs are all fine, by the way. Toby's over his last bout of allergy-induced infection and Ricky's stitches have healed and his nether region is starting to shrink up and become a little more stream-line from the back view.

The vet visit was to try and get a handle on Toby's allergies. To see if there's something else we can do apart from washing him in hypoallergenic shampoo and putting him into the cone of shame. Our local vet had suggested a specialist dermatologist. Woohoo - goodbye kids' inheritance.

As soon as the vet looked at me she said 'Has anyone ever told you that you look like that English actress? Can't remember her name at the moment but it'll come to me.'

Well of course I had to scour my memory banks for mental images of English actresses that I might remotely resemble. And of course the only ones I could even think of was Dame Judy Dench and Helen Mirren - both lovely ladies but a little older than me. I spent the rest of the visit hoping it wasn't either of them just because of their ages. And the vet never remembered - or if she did chose the tactful option of silence.

When I got home I decided to Google-search English actresses and I came across a huge number ranging from 'oh please don't let it be her' to 'I wish'. I was still none the wiser so I let it go. Sort of. Almost ... Okay - not at all and I'm still wondering.

That wasn't the crisis of confidence part. That came later on that evening when I was browsing Facebook and saw that one of my friends had played one of those silly games. This was called 'What Animal Do You Look Like?' Hers had been a cute baby penguin so of course I wanted to know what cute baby animal I might look like. So I clicked on the link and got this -

Not cute. Not a baby. And frankly I can't see the resemblance. For a start - BLONDE!! 

I chose not to share it on Facebook.

But it's left me wondering. Which English actress looks most like an Orang-utan? If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


  1. I'm going to stay away from the animal "look alike" quiz - I think I would be scared of what I might learn!!!
    I think she meant Talulah Riley (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1506908/)
    We know she didn't mean an older actress!!!

  2. After seeing my photo on FB today, I think I'm looking a bit like a feral chook. Feathers are outta control. Not a good look lol

  3. Those FB quizzes are never to be trusted.

  4. And that is why I never allow myself to be tempted to do those FB quizzes - afraid of what they might come up with!

  5. Must be your cheeks... and they make you look loverly!

  6. I read this at work and couldn't comment from there but have been busting to tell you Char! I reckon it's a young Emma Thompson! Thank God no one beat me to it. (I can be so competitive)

  7. This post made me chuckle, in a good way. There is no way I would want to see which animal I look like so you are very brave. I think you look terrific, and I would agree, Emma Thompson is a good choice for actress look-a-like!

  8. Pinky is right - Emma Thompson it is! Lucky you - I love her!

  9. Those survey / quiz things are hilarious. I'm fairly sure there's not a lot of scientific veracity at play.

    And yes, Emma Thompson it may well be and she's lovely!

  10. Whoever it is, most English actresses are very attractive, so I would be taking it as a compliment. And yeah - I stay away from those FB quizzes. That's some scary stuff going on right there! Glad the dogs are on the mend. x

  11. Just convince yourself it's Liz Hurley. I'm sure that's whom she meant! Similar story ... when I was in the checkout line at the grocery store a few months ago, the clerk said, "You like that actor from the 70's, Bruce Dern!" Well, I didn't know who that was so I excitedly Googled him when I got home expecting to find a Brad Pitt look alike or something. Nope ... not Brad Pitt looks at all ... FREAKING BRUCE DERN!!! BRUCE DERN!!! Man, I thought I had a little more going on than that ... guess not, ha.

  12. You gave me a good laugh at 8 am when I saw the animal you look like :)

  13. Perspective helps - I mean, you weren't matched with a dog - so this is a plus? LOL! Your gorgeous dahling!

  14. Ater I had had a busy day,, You made me laugh! Thanks for sharing that post!


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