Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Tip For A More Youthful Appearance

I freaked out some of my running friends last week.

Back story is that I've been kind of slack lately. I haven't been bothered with a few of the things that most women bother about. Personal grooming things. Hair cuts to be perfectly honest. It just seems like too much effort to try to fit it in when I've got other things occupying my brain space. So my hair is starting to get longer.

But longer, to a runner can be a bit annoying. For a while a cap was enough to keep it from bugging me on the run. But it grew past the length that even a cap could control and those long scraggly bits at the back of my neck were really starting to piss me off so I did something radical. I put it up in the littlest ponytail ever. 

Actually it's two ponytails because some of the top stuff is still too short to reach around the back of my unusually large head. It's not stylish or pretty but it's really practical and my hair is no longer pissing me off. And once my friends got used to it (took a full run and a whole coffee conversation) it was pronounced to make me look more youthful.

I was a bit dubious. Until I saw this clip from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

A tight ponytail can have some advantages. Good-bye jowls and wrinkles.

Just have to work out the right amount of tightness to get the youthful appearance without the too-tight headache.


  1. That movie was hilarious! I'm right there with you with haircut hiatus. My stylist probably wouldn't know me anymore. My ponytail is more of a heavy horsetail now. Let's call it clydesdale.

  2. bahahaha!!!! I'm with ya. Haven't had a hair cut since, oh, January? Often times I just trim my own ends.

  3. Ha! Same here! Grooming is overrated.

  4. I'm with you, Char! I may even be an extremist because who has time for any of it? Make-up, styling hair, shaving legs...which is probably pretty bad when I'm at work and someone gets a look at my forest (thanks Gomez side of the family). It only takes a day or two, which isn't fair. If it's a matter of get in a workout or get a haircut, the workout will win. LOVED MBFGW 2. The neck pulling was the funniest thing. Who knew? So clever.

  5. I want to try a bull dog clip on the back of my neck but will wait until I've had a few wines.

  6. I never make hair appts in advance and just ring when I'm ready. I occasionally have to wait a week or so but when I called last week I discovered my hairdresser was about to go on holidays and I have to wait 3-4 weeks to see her.

    My hair is getting a bit too long - too short to do up properly and too long to leave out as I get hot. And... I've got regrowth from my brown dye job!

  7. I once didn't cut my hair for 2 years...

  8. I've tried pulling my hair into a REALLY tight ponytail and my God it makes a difference. It gives me a migraine though. You look very young with your radiant glow and healthy skin, Char.


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