Thursday, June 9, 2016

Failures, Foundation Garments and Fanciful Goals

Last weekend was the City to South race. And because the course was going so close to my house I decided that it might be nice to get out and cheer on the suckers dedicated athletes who'd decided to run it.

Last weekend was also when I found out that I truly suck as a cheerer/spectator/photographer.

It started off okay. Watching the frontrunners go through. Genteel clapping while clutching my takeaway cup of coffee. So very civilised. But then the runners started to come through thick and fast. I'd wanted to get shots of all my friends running but to do that I needed to spot them early enough to actually take aim and shoot. Here's how I went.

I wanted a picture of Clare. The little dot at the pack of this group of men. She's wearing my Run Amok tights. You can tell, right?! So a fail there. But what's worse is that I know the runner on the right of the pic. Totally didn't see that he was there until an hour after the race when I was checking my photos. Sorry Rob, I don't know how I missed you.

Katie yelled at me and that's the only reason why I've even got a picture of her. I'd like to say I'd meant to take a photo of her great running form. But honestly I didn't.

Youngie also gave me fair warning of his arrival. A good 50m of warning is what I need for a shot that shows the front of the face. 

See - Elio didn't give me 50m of warning. Only got the side of his face.

Didn't zoom in on Heather so I missed another opportunity to get a good Run Amok photo. But at least you can see her. Which is more than I can say for Sue.

Poor Sue - that's her foot just visible to the right. 

And finally another butt shot. This time of Mellie. Seemed appropriate to finish the morning on that note.

But it wasn't only my photos that failed. My brain had a little processing issue - fairly normal for a person of my vintage but really inconvenient when you're trying to cheer people on by name. There were no less than ten people whose names I remembered only once they were well out of earshot. I'm sorry. And I'd apologise to all of you individually but I've already forgotten who you are. Sorry for that too.

But, luckily, my brain is the only thing that's failed me this week. My body seems to be working just fine - at least as far as running's concerned. We did a 3k time trial at speed and I've managed to improve from my January time by 12 seconds. This could be because it's a lot cooler. Or it could be because I've been training diligently and consistently since then. OR it could be because I bought a new running bra. Which promised up to 50% less bounce. Less bounce = less turbulence created while running = greater speed. At least it does in my head.

I only bought the high impact bra but apparently Berlei make a bra for extreme impact. What on earth does extreme impact involve? Running into a brick wall while doing your best Usain Bolt impersonation??

I'll definitely be wearing that bra come Gold Coast half marathon. I'm going to need as much help as I can get to achieve what's been festering in my head ever since I ran Noosa half. My big audacious goal for this race is to go sub-100. 

There it is. I've said it out loud. That would have freaked me out a year or so ago - to lay it on the line like that. But today it doesn't worry me. I might make it. I might not. If I don't, the world will still keep turning. People won't turn away from me in horror because I'm a failure. And I'll get to try again another day. 


  1. You... can.. do it! Cheering you on. Enjoy the journey!

  2. Of course you will do it. You're a legend.
    I tried to take photos of the V8s once and had a similar result to you. Oh well. It's the thought that counts.

  3. Love your pictures, and if they aren't that good no worries, it just means you need to practise more... So get out there this weekend and look for runners who need their picture taken!

  4. Makes us appreciate the few good shots race photographers get, LOL!! You're awesome!

  5. My money is on you for the sub-100.
    When I spectate Chicago I bring my fluorescent happy face on a stick and I swear most runners need to come over and poke me before I see them, so don't feel bad. :D

  6. Ha! I tried to take a few pictures of Liz (N) when she came to Hervey Bay for a triathlon a few years ago and only 'just' succeeded - though I stuffed up with the run and thought they came by twice when they didn't. (So waited for about an hour after everyone had finished the race, in the wrong spot!)

    Love your big audacious goal for the GC Marathon. No idea what it means, but love that you're setting them! x

  7. Woo - sub 100! I bet you can do it, especially with that extreme impact bra!

    Good try with the spectating - don't be too hard on yourself about the pictures, you just need more practice.

  8. taking pictures of moving objects is bloody hard!!!

    hope the new bra is comfy & good luck with the sub 100!!!! :-)

  9. Moving people is the most difficult thing to photograph. What's important is that you were there for them and I am certain they appreciated that more than a photo afterwards.

    Cheering for you from the other side of the world this weekend.

  10. Right, so from this post it's apparent that for a race photographer you make an awesome runner! bwahahahahahaha. If I'm photographing a race I just put it on the running man and keep on clicking as runners go past, then upload to computer, delete about 1000 and then keep the 10 that has my friends in it. tee hee. As for bras I've been wearing Champion Marathon Bra - I like the name! Okay so they seem to do the trick strangely enough, they don't look as though they would. I want to go to a place in Melbourne called She Science, I wonder if it's in other places too, they do like the running shoe shops do, try you in different bras and have you run on a treadmill and measure the bounce. Heck my only hope is that you're not in the middle of the store, running with only a bra and no top on!! No one is ready for a sight like that!


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