Monday, November 9, 2009

Feeling Good! Yay

It was speed session again today and, after last week's debacle, I knew I had to be ultra-conservative. The warm-up went okay ( my HR was around 160 - but that's pretty normal for me)
then it was into the work. Coach Chris was mixing it up a bit - 1k's and 200m's with 200m recoveries. Everyone did 1k to start. Mine was a pitiful 4:47 and after that he just gave me 200m repeats for the rest of the session. I had a standing rest every 3 or 4 reps to get my HR down. It was hardly the sort of session that I'd normally be pleased with but I'm so thrilled with my recovery. I'm sitting here feeling so good - better than I've felt in such a long time so I'm cheering. Yay!!!

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