Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I Love to Run

There are just so many reasons. I love the endorphins, the peace of being by myself, the company of others when I run with a group, the fact that I can eat just a little more. The list goes on and on till we get to the number one reason - having breakfast with my running friends.

We've been doing it for about two years now on a monthly basis and it's something that we all really enjoy. There's 5 of us but numbers can drop to 3 if things get busy. We range in age from 55 down to 24 but age doesnt seem to matter when we have our love of running as a common interest.

I've just been organising a last-minute breakfast for a very special reason. Karen, our 24 year old, is getting married. For the last year we've been discussing dresses, venues, flowers and menus so we all decided that a pre-wedding breakfast was a must. I'm so blessed to be able to share in the special moments of these special friends. All of us married runners are going to bring along our wedding pics to laugh over and we'll declare a moritorium on husband-bashing for the morning. I can't wait!

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