Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oestrogen Therapy

What is it about males that makes them totally oblivious to mess - especially the mess that they have created? Does the Y chromosome confer a state of domestic blindness that would make them technically eligible for the Paralympics?

Sometimes it's hard being the only female in a household full of males (and no, Bubbles our dog and Bailey the rat do not count) There is no pink, no frills and no lace, unless you count the curtains in the loo which were my one defiance. There is, however, lots of socks, jocks and football boots that have an indescribable odour which could be bottled and marketed as a weapon of mass-destruction.

Coming from a family full of females, except Dad, I sometimes long to escape it all and have some Oestrogen Therapy. So the plan is to escape for a long weekend with my sister Julie and fly off to Sydney for a long weekend. We're going to see Wicked - something I could never do with Iven who doesn't get the whole singing thing and can't even last through an hour of Glee. We'll also get to shop. Yay!!

I've actually just been to Sydney. I was there in September to run the half - my last race before realising why I wasn't running well. (The photo is about 3k from the end when I'd given up all will to live but managed to smile for the camera.) Iven and Luke came too so shopping was pretty-much off the table. I can't wait.

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  1. Thank you for your comment. OH how I TOTALLY agree. WE are contemplating having a Third child...if I knew it would be a GIRL I would be prego now.. How I long to have more pink and lace in the house.

    Hugs to a FUN weekend!


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