Friday, November 27, 2009

Rainbows on Grey Days

Sometimes hard days strike for no reason. You just get out of bed one day and feel flat. The world seems grey and you don't have enough energy to pull yourself out of it. Yesterday was one of those days for me. I'm not sure what precipitated it but I had a serious case of the blahs! My number one son, Sam was supposed to meet me to shop for his graduation present (a winter jacket for his trip to Europe) but he had rung by 8:30 to postpone it till mid-morning which left me wondering how I would fill the next couple of hours. At this point I need to explain that work is finished for the year and I don't cope with boredom very well.

I decided to just go about my usual morning - shower, dry hair, dress and go to Indro for a coffee. I was just at the hair-drying stage when I heard a voice over all the noise. It was little-sister Lucy who needed a slight alteration to her daughter Dani's costume (dance concert is this weekend and in the dress rehearsal Dani's pants had fallen down. Unfortunately Dani had gone commando - much embarrassment) We chatted for a while but Lucy had to get to work so I finished up and headed off. This was my first glimmer of light through the clouds.

I've befriended the owners of my local coffee haunt and had heard that their twins were visiting rellies in Kenya. It was a surprise visit due the previous day. My second glimmer of light was hearing how excited everyone in Kenya had been. I don't know these people but I enjoyed sharing the joy and excitement vicariously.

My third glimmer of light happened when my oldest niece Nicole found me, drinking coffee and doing the crossword. She was happy to fill in the rest of my spare time with all her plans for an extended stay in Europe followed by her wedding. Happy conversation!

My grey morning dissipated. How can you be down when you're given rainbows?

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