Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Whiff of Freedom

There is only 12 more weeks to go! 12 more weeks until I finish high school for the fourth and final time. No - I am not an incredibly slow learner. Nor am I a perpetual truant. I just have lived and breathed and supported my sons every step of the way for the past 11 years.

And having done this 3 times before, I'd just like to say that year 12 is hard! It's a pressure cooker. A runaway train at the crest of the hill that gathers momentum as it heads towards the finish line. This week has been a prime example. We started with a pretty big weekend - a basketball game, a Maths assignment and a day at eisteddfod. There was no time to finish the Chemistry assignment that was due on Tuesday so Monday was spent with a quick trip to school to deliver the Maths assignment and then a full day doing Chem (and by full day I mean until midnight). Tuesday was early percussion ensemble practice, school then stay on after school to perform with the big band at a special dinner event for local businesses (home at 8:00pm). Wednesday was a regular start but stayed back late to go with the girlfriend to her debating final (They lost but she won the debater of the meet award). Thursday had an after-school symphonic band practice followed by soccer dinner (home at 10:30pm) Poor Luke! He looked so tired this morning as I dragged him from his bed.

I'd like to say that the worst is over but he has another big weekend (although I've banned him from the basketball match this week) and next Tuesday and Wednesday he has 2 full days of standardized testing. And I thought training for a marathon was hard! I wouldn't be 16 again if you paid me - well, maybe if you paid me a significant amount of money that would negate the need to go on to uni and work for a living.

So there is only 12 weeks until I finally taste freedom - no more lunches to make, no more frantic school runs and no more ironing of uniforms. I can hardly wait!


  1. You certainly deserve your freedom…and my son is completing 3rd grade this year…

  2. WOW! And here I thought my schedule was hectic...
    You're a good mama!

  3. 12 weeks will certainly fly by! My youngest was dropped off at college last weekend. Seems as if it was only a little bit ago that I was literally peeling him off my leg when I dropped him off for kindergarten! Good luck with everything :)

  4. The countdown is on! It'll be heree before you know it.

  5. A mom never ends to work for her children. And after the children the grand-children....
    However keep on running!


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