Saturday, September 4, 2010

36k - Yuk!

That's it - my new longest distance ever is completed to make up my new longest mileage for a week. 36k yesterday and 72k for the week!!

Can I say right here and now that I did not enjoy yesterday's run?! I'd had an unsettled night (Josh was not feeling great and misery loves company so I was happy to supply it) and when I woke up yesterday it was hot. Not as hot as Summer but 20 degrees is twice the temperature of last Saturday's long run. Coach Chris had drawn out a new course which involved running up the very same hill that I'd run down the previous week. And while I was running it last week I'd been thinking - 'I'm glad I don't have to run up this.'

The first 8k were pleasant enough. I had good company. But my two running companions were only going 12 and 20k respectively. I resigned myself to a long time running solo but a couple of wrong turns and double-backs left me running with another couple of friends. I had a nice 6k or so of catching up and trying to solve the problems of the world before they turned back.

The course took me along Oxford St in Bulimba. It's cafe central and the coffee machines were doing a roaring trade. The smell was so enticing. And then I ran past a bakery - yum!! It was so tempting just to call it quits, buy a coffee and a bun and catch a ferry back to our start point. But I couldn't. I had a job to do (and I'd just run past Coach Chris and he'd seemed so impressed at how I was going)

I stopped for water at the turn around point then headed back past the caffeine temptations and in the distance saw Andrew, another of our group. I caught him up but, because he'd run a 100k trail race the week before and his legs were still feeling the effect, I ran on without him.

It was getting hotter and hotter and I was wishing I'd bought water with me so I was on high-alert for any bubblers. I think I stopped at least 6 times on the way home to guzzle water. I got back to Southbank and headed over the Goodwill Bridge but knew if I headed back home at this point I'd be a little short on distance so I turned out to do a lap of the Botanical Gardens and it was here that I realised I was getting an aura. For those of you who get migraines you'll know what I mean - it's the visual disturbance which is a precursor to the most awful headache you can get. I had 6k to go, couldn't see properly and I knew what was coming.

I'd actually made it to this point pretty well but now I just wanted to give up. But giving up's not really an option if you want to get home so I just sucked it up and plodded onward. My legs had tightened up and my shoulders were so tired and tight. I felt like I was running so slowly but once again, up ahead, I saw Andrew. He hadn't done the extra loop around the gardens. I actually managed to catch and pass him despite feeling like I was running on the spot. I made it back to the start point just as the aura was receding.

I'm feeling a little ordinary today so I'm going to take it easy and rest as much as possible. Week 4 is finally over.


  1. 36k is a very high mileage, congrats for your endurance! I have a program where the highest single mileage to prepare a marathon is 32k. You are over the top and I am sure that you are ready for a great race.

  2. Congrats on your awesome mileage Char!! Wow!

  3. Great job on your 36k yesterday! You're ready for a great marathon Char.
    Thanks for your comment about Muslim women who run.
    Have a nice week.

  4. Ugh! Running that far especially in the heat is no picnic. Great job getting it done!

  5. Outstanding job on the new high mileage! You are training so smart!

  6. You are getting some serious mileage there. OK, in metric that would be km-age? I should know that since I grew up on metric system...
    Anyway, I admire anyone who can run in high temps and even have even more admiration for those who avoid coffee temptations :)
    Good job.


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