Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Magic Mountain

I'm seriously tired today. Three days and three runs totaling 36k and not enough sleep has made me this way. I had to rearrange my run schedule with my medium-long run on Wednesday instead of Monday (it was raining and I was a little pathetic) and, because I have the Sydney Half coming up in just over a week, I decided to push my 16k a little harder to see if I could still run faster than plodding pace. That run went quite well. I got down to the low 5:00 min pace for at least half of the run but today I'm paying the piper.

Today's run was hills!! Coach Chris was sick and had texted me yesterday to say I would be in charge with another of the regulars. Did all that power rush to my head? Did I go out and buy a megaphone and whistle? No!! My fellow runners are self-starters and need no real motivation. They may whinge and complain sometimes but they turn up and do the session and today's session is one of my favourite. It was the round-the-mountain run where we start at the parking bay and run uphill for about 2.2k then the road undulates and weaves around the top of the mountain till we reach a trail which is basically all downhill. It's a magic run, surrounded by trees and bushes where you hear the bird calls and see the sun rise over the city. Seriously the best way to start the day.

I'm going to try to sneak in a quick nap before I start work. Recovery is so important and so much fun (especially when you can get a bit of reading done.) Another 36ker is ahead of me on Saturday and I think I'm going to need all the strength I can muster for that one. Fingers crossed that it'll be cooler and I don't get an aura this time.


  1. Napping? Reading? I'm so there!

  2. You should have still gotten a whistle...

  3. Good runs, a nap, and relaxing sound like the perfect combo! Wish I could go back to Sydney and run the 1/2 with you. I miss your country!

  4. I could get used to that kind of hill training. That sounds fantastic!

  5. You are really training hard. The half will be great. Rest well! Nick Bester, former Comrades winner and super fit super strong South Africa ironman says: over training is over rated. Rest better so that you can train even more!


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