Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Circling The Drain

I haven't been feeling so great lately. No - it's nothing fatal (although the title could have hinted at that). It's that awful feeling that I had at the end of '09. Dreaded Overtraining Syndrome is rearing its ugly head again. My legs feel so empty when I run (no strength at all), my heart rate is hovering around 60 at rest (it's usually high 40's) and I'm not sleeping very well.

It's really hard for me to admit to all of this because admitting it somehow feels like failure. But it is what it is and I just have to deal with it.

So.... I have no more runs this week
And ... I have booked in to see a Sports Med Doctor on Monday.
And ... I'm planning on booking a massage for Friday (apparently they're good for this
problem - just ask Dr Google)

I think some of my problem is to do with recovering from the marathon and maybe running too hilly a half too hard. And when I came back to training ( all of 11 days ago) I ran a very hilly, hard run followed by a hilly speed session, another hilly Australia Day run and yet another hilly run on Saturday. Do you notice a theme? All of my runs have been hilly and hilly = high intensity. Plus its been stinking hot and humid which = high intensity.

The hilly thing has happened because all of our flat routes are still unrunable. They're along the river and some stretches of the run just aren't there any more. But the fact that my body takes so long to recover is something I need to address and I'm hoping the doc can give me answers ... or steroids ... or a little happy pill so I won't notice the lack of running.

But I still totally believe that this whole thing was caused by family stresses on top of the physical demands I was placing on my body. Coping with my husband's depression, dealing with finding out I had a secret half-brother, the fact of my Father's infidelity and trying to support my Mother, then Josh's depression post-breakup and finally my business partnership ending. It's been five very stress-filled years. No wonder I'm tired!

But I think I've caught it early so I'm hoping it'll be status normal soon. Fingers crossed that this doc has some insight.


  1. Wow, you have certainly had a lot of stressful situations to deal with. You have done well to stay sane and good-humoured! It's hard to know how much a marathon takes out of you. I think it probably started off my heel problems, even though I didn't start getting the pain until 4 months later, I think the strain of the marathon and its training caused it. Take care and rest up for a while.

  2. Goodness, you have had a tough time - lots of ups and downs both physical and emotional. You are so smart to take steps to rectify it and not just try to "get by". I hope you find some answers that help you feel better!

  3. Take care of yourself and rest well. Life stress can drain us much more than we ever realise (SA spelling of realise...how do you spell in Aus?). Then all those hilly runs! I make sure I follow a very strict hard day, easy day routine with my training. This works wonders for me. All the best, I'm sure you'll be 100% soon.

  4. Hope you will find a way to relax, rest and unwind. Dr Google is right about the massage.
    Seems life has been testing you hard. Hugs.

  5. Hey... you have to take care of yourself. You're being responsible and doing what you need to do, despite how hard it is. Way to go.

  6. I think the important thing here is that you are catching it. You've been there and you've learned the signs so now you recognize them and can take steps to fix the situation. I hope the rest/doc/massage all help you feel better! Take it easy!

  7. I love your wisdom: "It's really hard for me to admit to all of this because admitting it somehow feels like failure. But it is what it is and I just have to deal with it."

    Yay. You.

    Enjoy the massage.

  8. Wow! You have had to deal with some tough issues. Good luck!

  9. I think that was smart to regroup. You Australians sure are smart. Overtraining sucks.

  10. Running actually helps reduce my stress. I can't imagine what I'd be like without it. Don't be so hard on yourself, and look for the positive on a bad day. There is always someone worse off then us, and having our problems would be a good day.

  11. I just read your recent blog post about your parents's anniversary and how it would be hard so I had to come catch up and see what was going on. Ooooh, sounds like a rough situation. Sorry to hear there have been some downs in your life lately Char. Hope things look up. And, wow, having kids start driving on their own...this is a big step...I'm sure I'll be more ready for it when it comes but I already know that those teen years will be challenging...seeing your kids drive, get their heart broken, take life risks, fail, learn from falling...


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