Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mood Lifters

What a difference a couple of days make! I'm feeling a lot more like me now and not so negative. It really helped getting all that empathy from you guys. Thank you! I turned off the tv stations that were getting me down. I'm still keeping up with what's happening but hearing it twice a day is so much better for my mental health than being immersed in it.

I went to a hills session for the first time in a couple of months. My motivation to go was so I'd have company. Boy, did I have company! Usually the group's around 15 people. Yesterday it was easily double that. And even though I was running hills, I kept to my plan of running conservatively. I ran just behind a girl who's usually quite a way behind me and stayed behind her for most of the session (Sorry, Anna. Hope my breathing down your neck didn't annoy you too much) Running out in the bush is the greatest mood-lifter.

My day started weirdly yesterday. I woke at just after 4 am and decided to try and get a little more sleep. Well, I was really successful and fell into a deep sleep which involved dreaming - and who should be in my dream but Marlene from Mission to (another) Marathon. I was making her a leotard and it was sort-of ugly - sorry, Marlene. As I said - weird!

Yesterday morning wasn't just weird. It held a promise. That Summer and these stinking hot and humid days will come to an end. It was a beautiful morning with just the hint of crispness to it - perfect for running up hills.


  1. Glad you are feeling better!

    That's really, really funny about your dream. Maybe we all think about blogging too much?!

  2. Funny about that dream! I don't think I've had a dream about blog friends yet - I did have a really scary nightmare about my mother in law this week, though ;-)
    Also funny that you are anticipating the arrival of fall, while we are desperate for spring. Too bad we can't trade climates for a week or so!

  3. That is one of the best things about having a big group to train with - there is ALWAYS someone to tag along with, whether you want to take it easier or push yourself. Glad you feel a bit better!

  4. Glad you are feeling better. I must say I am too! Love all the support from bloggy friends!

  5. Oh...I crave deep sleep. I loved your dream :) !

  6. Glad you feel better now! Hope you'll try to increase your motivation.

    Have a nice weekend!


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