Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grand and Glorious Days

Some days a so great that they deserve to be blogged about. Today was one of those days.

It started at speed session. Let me just remind you that I'm on seek 2 of running 4 times a week and have only just bumped up my long run distance. 24k on Saturday, rest day Sunday, 11k yesterday then speed today. I wasn't sure how my body would cope. Coach Chris explained the session to us. It was exactly the same as two weeks ago - 1k repeats starting every 6 mins for my pace group. Last time my splits were
4:42, 4:39, 4:47, 4:47 (then I had a really long break and didn't start with my group), 4:50. I couldn't do the last rep.

This time my splits were (drum roll please)
4:40, 4:36, 4:37, 4:41, 4:45 then I ran a 6th rep at a slower pace but didn't time it. They're not hugely different but they're different enough to be significant. See I am feeling better.

The next good thing that happened was that I managed to find some jeans to fit my #3 son, Luke. My baby has grown at a ridiculous rate over the last year and is now 6 feet 3 inches. The height isn't so bad - the fact that he only weighs slightly more than me makes buying clothes challenging. If it fits properly length-wise it's probably way too wide. But today we found jeans that fit really well and the length is just perfect.

Work ran really smoothly and I managed to tick off everything on today's to-do list. And while I was busily cutting out unitards son #2, Josh came running downstairs. At times like these I'm so glad I work from home. I get to be there when they need me (and even in their 20s that still happens) and I get to hear all the good stuff first. He'd been offered his first job as an electrical engineer. He'd been interviewed on Friday and they'd rung that afternoon to say they were going to ring his referees so it had looked hopeful. Now he has to decide if he wants to become a Railway Control Systems Engineer. It wasn't quite the branch of engineering that he was wanting to get into but it is a good job in Brisbane in a field where there are only around 2000 trained engineers in the world and the pay is what he was wanting. Whether he takes it or not is totally up to him but being offered the job has been a huge ego-boost.

Hope you all had grand and glorious days - and if not had at least one little ray of sunshine that made you smile.


  1. Certainly a day worth blogging about! Those are some very fine splits, well done! Being offered a job like that is really something. Congrats to Josh!

  2. I love those days when everything just goesd RIGHT. Congrats on the speed work - nice pacing!!

  3. you had me at "grand and glorious"


    YAY on the speed too!!

  4. Great post, totally worth reading and posting, you were right! I love it when these kinds of days come along, it is GLORIOUS!
    Thanks for sharing about your son, it's so comforting to hear your words!

  5. My son's build sounds similar. Same height, not quite as skinny but skinny enough that you can't find pants. I can find some on line and LL Bean has some surprising choices in size.

    Great job on the splits.

  6. I love these kinds of days, great post! Glad you've improved your speed :)

    Thanks again for the birthday wishes!

  7. Maybe Bruce Springsteen wrote "Glory Days" thinking at your speed!


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