Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Made Me Laugh Yesterday.

I recently mentioned that I play Scrabble with my Mother over our iPhones and I may have mentioned that I have played some, shall we say, slightly naughty words. Sam and Luke (#1 & 3 sons) also play with their Grandma and it was this text conversation that I had with him yesterday that really brightened up my boring work day.

Luke: Oh God, I just played chode with grandma. I really hope she doesn't get it :/

Me :I can tell you she definitely won't. I don't know what it means. Now you have to educate your mother.

Luke: Haha it as a slang term for the irregular endowment of a mans genitiles in width proportions by ratio with length hahaha

Me:You mean a fat doodle?

Luke: Hahaha yes mum

I love the way he tried to 'science it up' for me so it wouldn't sound so crude. And I really love how he called it genitiles. I'm wondering if he did it on purpose seeing as we are not Jewish and the boys are all uncircumcised. But most of all I love that he's worried about what Grandma thinks (although not worried enough to NOT use the word - after all a good score is a good score)

I needed the laugh because we had a sad loss at the end of my Grand and Glorious day. It was good to post my blog before we discovered our dearly departed Reuben. Reuben is Sam's axolotl and has been freaking me out for the past 4 years. They are not pretty pets. Or cuddly. Actually they have no redeeming features that I can think of at the moment. But he was a pet and I feel duty-bound to mourn him.

Sam discovered him lifeless in the bottom of his tank on Tuesday night. (Not sure how he could tell the difference because Reuben was not the most lively pet) But it was raining Tuesday night and it was late so Sam left him in the tank. His tank is in the downstairs bathroom and yesterday I needed to use the facilities only to discover Reuben's cold dead eyes staring at me. Still freaking me out! I know I used to be a vet but I'm not a big lover of dead things. Thanks to Iven who gave him a fitting burial ... in the vegie patch. Not sure if I want to eat any of our home grown stuff now even if Iven is convinced they will be full of omega 3s.

And talking of dead things, hill session was at the cemetery again today. What a tough circuit! Last time we only did it in the clockwise direction. This time we did both ways and the anti-clockwise is so much harder than the clockwise. Still feeling my heavy legs 5 hours later and am wishing that there was enough time today to fit in a nap.


  1. chode...excellent scrabble word! I would love to be able to use this if I played scrabble. I love the relationship you have with your kids. Way to keep it real! :)

  2. I'm so sorry about your pet fishie :(.

    Too funny about granny...I wonder if she asked him what the word meant? Maybe it made her day, too! :)

  3. I had to google axotl to know what it was - I can understand why you say it wasn't a very cuddly pet, but still...
    Pets are basically a guaranteed heartbreak, aren't they?
    Never heard the word chode either...but then again, why would I? ;-)

  4. Haha, I like your son's scientific description too. Nice that he didn't want to offend you. RIP to the axotl (whatever that is...)

  5. Thanks for the education, 'cause I didn't know that one either! I love the multi-generational scrabble going on.

    My kids have some crayfish that they pulled from the local stream and put in their fish tanks. Recently I discovered one of them under my desk (which is downstairs/tanks upstairs). Quite the unwelcome surprise. The kitties just might have had something to do with it!

  6. I just find it sooo appropriate to be running hills at the cemetery!

  7. Thanks for asking, Char - her kids are in their early 20s and the youngest is in her first year of university - she was only 52 and they hadn't even been married for two years makes me so sad.

  8. Love the scrabble exchange. Keep us posted on other fun exchanges.

  9. A grandma that can use her iPhone to scrabble is smart. Maybe she gets it 100%. Poor Ruben! I breed tropical fish and have regular burials. Funny, even if its a small baby I still feel it was a pet. I never knew you were a vet! I started off as a vet and went from animals to IT! I think I feel too much for the animals...

  10. I am very sorry for Reuben, the pets become part of our families. I love every kind and breed of animals.
    Nice scrabble exchange.

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