Saturday, March 5, 2011

Out With The Old ...

This is how my Saturday went -

Got up at ten to five to meet my running group for our long, slow run. We had a 16 k run on the program and right from the beginning I knew it wasn't going to be my day. I had nothing in the tank. I'd gone out to dinner the night before and ordered the chicken salad. Big mistake! Apparently it's really important to eat carbs the night before the weekly long run. Lesson learnt!!

Went home. Showered then met my parents and sister for our weekly breakfast. Poached eggs on toast - yum! Then off to the markets to buy a fridge-load of fruit and veggies.

Home again. Unpacked the bags. Hung out the washing. Then back in the car and off to Officeworks. Officeworks is a big stationary store. Actually, it has more than stationary - it has everything you could ever want or need if you were setting up an office. I needed a couple of things for my workroom but I wanted lots of stuff. Something about that store brings out the nerdy secretary in me. Would I ever need colouring pencils? No, but I want them. What about a dozen highlighters? Or fancy letter paper? Or a colour coordinated desk set? Or that giant office-sized tin of bad instant coffee with the equally giant carton of biscuits?

I managed to restrain myself - mostly. I came home with a pencil sharpener, a packet of white envelopes, two rolls of sticky tape, a sticky tape dispenser, a very tall draftsman's stool and a desk chair for Luke. The sticky tape dispenser and the stool are my most exciting purchases (yes, I know - my life is SAD) as they are replacing some very old and worn out equipment.

The orange stool was my Grandma's but had seen better days.

In fact, every time I sat on it I was risking life and limb. It had a few skeletal issues that were beyond fixable.

And the tape dispenser had lost it's teeth and wouldn't work properly.

It's so nice to have replaced my old, faulty equipment with new, funky stuff. Out with the old and in with the new.

In a strange parallel to real life, I'd like to point out that Iven has lost a couple of teeth and has occasional back problems. Just wondering if I should adopt my new policy more broadly.


  1. I would LOVE the office store. I am very nerdy when it comes to school or office supplies. I didn't have much in my tank to day either!

  2. Oh poor Iven! Thank goodness they don't have husband stores or he might be in trouble.
    But aren't office stores just the best! I love them too, and could easily go off the deep end while there...

  3. It's easy to forget to fuel properly - good job on the run!

    Wow, looks like some much needed upgrading to the office supplies!

  4. Hahah...yes, I say you made some wise investments in the chair and the tape dispenser. :)

    We all have icky fueling days...but you'll get it next time cuz now you know!


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