Saturday, June 18, 2011

Good Relationships and Good Saturdays.

Thanks to everyone who commented their support after my last post. I'd had a tough couple of days and it really helps to write it all down - and then I get lovely, empathetic comments that take the loneliness out of a problem. Josh has been a lot better since his little melt-down. I'm not kidding myself that he's totally better but at least he's back on track for the moment.

A few of you commented on our relationship. I'm really blessed that all my three boys will talk to me about the big issues, and the little ones - and sometimes even ones that I'm not remotely interested in and will you please stop talking because it's really late and I need to sleep. I don't remember ever consciously making an effort to encourage this but I've always shown them that I was interested in their lives. Always asked them how their days were and how they were feeling. And I've always told them that I'd rather hear the truth, even if it's tough. And they've taken me at my word and shared their lives with me - the good and the bad.

And today everything's good and I'm resting in the peace that this brings. I've had a lovely 24 hrs. Yesterday I had a business call inquiring about leotards and the caller was a girl that I'd sewn for when she was competing in aerobic competitions about 12 years ago (or maybe more). She's now coaching and I was the one she wanted to make costumes for her girls.

Last night my NRL team got up and flogged their more-highly ranked opposition. Go Broncos!

This morning I got to be in charge of the long run for our group while Coach Chris is in New Zealand running a marathon. Poor man - his faith in me is probably misguided but being in charge gave me a sense of importance (misguided and deluded).

And to top everything off, I got a text from a squad member who'd moved to Canberra. She was up in Brisbane and did I want to catch up for coffee today? Absolutely!! Two hours of non-stop chatting. I still can't believe that a 20something year old chooses to hang out with me when she gets up here. Running seems to know no age-barriers.

And Josh? He hung out with friends last night. Did not drink. Got home at a respectable hour. Slept in (it IS after-all Saturday) Then met up with friends for a bike ride. That's just the sort of life that I want him to want for himself.


  1. I'm just catching up on the Josh issue. Glad he's doing better and I love that you're so involved in all of your boy's lives.
    Not at all surprised old friends are wanting costumes and visits with you. I sure wish you were closer, I'd be doing the same! :D
    What a lovely family pic! Gorgeous bunch!

  2. So glad to hear things are better. Life is quite a roller coaster, isn't it?
    Your work is amazing. No wonder this girl, now a grown woman still remembers you.
    Gosh, what a handsome bunch you all are.

  3. I get a kick out of reading all about your Saturday when I've just woken up Saturday morning. :)

    Sounds like a great day!

    Love to catch up with old friends over coffee - I'm 28 and many of my closest friends are closer to my parents' age.

  4. Glad you have this good relationship with your children. It also means that you are a wonderful mom.
    i agree, running has no barriers, I remember I began to run with a friend 23 years older than me.
    Have a good week end.

  5. Lovely picture and I'm glad things are looking more positive today!

  6. Nice photo of you and your family! I'm so glad that the relationship with your children is better :)
    Have a nice weekend!


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