Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

My black jeans went missing last week. I knew they'd been washed but they weren't in either of the two places that I'd expect to find them - the laundry or my bottom drawer. Clearly I'd left my brain out of gear when I'd done the folding and put them in someone else's pile.

I started my searching in Sam's room - nothing. Same as Josh's room. Luke's room was off limits because he was still asleep so I ended up wearing another pair. When he finally emerged from his room I rifled through his wardrobe. Same result as his brothers' rooms - Absolutely Nothing!!

He came in and sprung me searching his wardrobe and demanded to know why (and in retrospect I'm wondering what he was hiding - certainly not his Mother's clothing). And when I explained about my missing jeans he flushed a little. It seems that the black jeans he'd worn the previous day were a little short (he's 6'3 and I'm 5'9) and they kept creeping into his crotch and getting his boys quite uncomfortable.

I'm hoping that he's not scarred for life from this experience. But more than that I hope it's a one-off with no progression. I don't want to be finding any of my skirts, dresses or underwear missing.

3 DAYS TILL GOLD COAST. There will be no PRs for me but I'm hoping to go around the 50 min mark - all going well and not getting stuck in too much slow-moving traffic.


  1. Wow, you are tall. Your poor son, he must have been embarrassed when he realised!

  2. Love the story! I can see my ds doing that.

  3. Oh no! HAH! Glad you solved the mystery.

  4. LMAO........... He's scarred for life.

  5. Ha, luckily my son is only 10 so it will be a while before my clothes disappear. Regarding your comment on my blog: Johannesburg winters are fantastic. Cold mornings but beautiful open blue sky days with lots of sun. Typical temperatures min and max - -2C and 19C.

  6. Funny story! Here it is impossible because my children live by their own (2 minutes walking from my house).


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