Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gold Coast - 1 More Sleep

Race day tomorrow!! I'm waylaying running nerves by baking. And carb-loading (yep, I'm only doing a 10k and don't need to carb-load) by tasting. Even Nelson (dalmatian) is carb-loading by licking the cooking bowls.

I've sort-of started packing by putting stuff that I think I'll need on my bed.I've got my race number and my chip and my Garmin. No clothes yet. I guess they're sort-of important especially if I don't want to race naked - and I don't want to do that because I'd have trouble deciding where to pin the number.

This year we're not leaving home until after peak hour traffic settles down. Last year's trip was a huge learning curve. Peak hour = 2X normal drive time. Then add another 2 hours round trip when you realise that you've left your handbag with the keys to the unit and your wallet and phone back in Brisbane. This year I'd rather leave my running shoes at home and run in my boots than have to repeat that debacle.

I've had my usual internal battle about tomorrow's race. What seemed a great idea seems to pall as it gets closer. Doesn't help that the bout of flu put me right back with my training. In fact, this week the only running I've done was Tuesday's speed session. I piked on Wednesday's run but rationalized it because my knee was a little niggly after Tuesday's run and I've had a slightly elevated heart rate every since being sick. I'm great at rationalizing!

Will I PR tomorrow? There's no way on earth that I'll ever hit the 46s again but I'm starting to think in terms of post-OTS PRs. I ran Gold Coast in 52 mins last year so I'm aiming to go under that. The closer to 50 I get the happier I'll be and if I get under I'll be astounded and thrilled. You never know what might happen on the day.

I'm really looking forward to a couple of nights away, eating out, hanging with my running buds, cheering my running buds, eating out a bit more and collecting my 7th medal for the Gold Coast 10k.


  1. It's true, you never know what race day will bring - fingers crossed for an excellent day for you!!

  2. Yes! bake Away girl! Hoping tomorrow will be awesome for you!! Can't wait to hear about it.

  3. It's always worth carb-loading, for any distance it's a good excuse to eat loads. Good luck with the race! Look forward to reading how you get on...

  4. Best of luck. You are going to do great!

  5. I am sure you will run a fast 10k. Good luck.
    I always load carbs before the race, no matter the distance.
    Please take a lot of pictures.

  6. Good luck for your Gold Coast 10k! I Look forward to reading your report!

  7. Woohooo, so excited for you!! GO kick some race butttttt!

  8. I am keeping my fingers crossed; I am sure carbo loading will help. Just enjoy the race.

  9. Have a great race! I do PRs for the calendar year!


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