Wednesday, June 1, 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

I've been possessed by the spirit of a chain-smoking octogenarian for the past three days. I'm tired all the time. I've lost my sense of smell. And walking up ten stairs is enough to make me want to have a nap for an hour. Stupid man-flu! Actually I could call it Swine flu because Iven's a pig for giving it to me.

So Sunday's 10k is definitely canceled. Thank you to all the wise people and Jamoosh, who gave their opinion on my last blog. You're right - I would not find any satisfaction in racing the way I'm feeling. I have wavered back and forth about doing it - last night I even decided that it could be a goer but that was before the cold and flu tablets wore off - but today I felt so awful that I texted Coach Chris and told him I was out so it's now official.

So because I've been feeling so bad, I've been making a list of things that make me happy. My list started today while I was out doing my weekly shopping. I decided to treat my poor sick self with a book that I'd been coveting all week. And when I went into the shop to buy the book I found another that looked interesting so I bought it as well. Then I went off to replace the cake scraper that I'd destroyed with my electric mixer when I last made cupcakes. And that was the start of my list

- Having a good book to read
- Having a good book under the bed to look forward to reading after I've finished the good book I'm currently into.
- Baking delicious and highly calorific treats for the family and friends
- Getting compliments on above treats.

And what would my list be without running
- Having a good run
- Having a good run with good company
- Running in new shoes cause they're bound to make me faster
- Having breakfast out with my running friends after a hard session
- Running with my kids

Then it gets kind of random
- knowing all my kids are happy
- sharing my Saturday nap with my dogs
- collecting the eggs from the chickens
- singing along to my favourite music while I'm cooking dinner (not a big fan of cooking dinner but listening to music gets me through it)
- the weekly debriefing with Natalie every Saturday
- seeing the sun rise on a cool crisp morning
- a really good cup of coffee (all right, a mug) by myself or with company
- not having to turn the alarm on some days
- having a cuddle of my new great-niece
- getting a cuddle from any of my very big boys and knowing it means as much to them as it does from me
- having people look disbelieving at me when I tell them I'm nearly 50 - damn it's good for my ego!
- falling asleep easily and staying asleep till morning.
- seeing the look on my clients' faces when they try on their leotards and they love them

Seriously, I could just go on and on.

Thinking about the list was interesting. I realised that there's very little on the list that's to do with money (except maybe the new running shoes and buying books). The things in life that make me happiest are not material possessions - they're mostly about people - family and friends - appreciating the simple things in life and working towards my own goals (and achieving them). And despite feeling sick, I can say that I'm pretty happy with my life.


  1. Great post. A lot of those things would be on my list too - the pleasure of a new book waiting to be read is a great one. I love your definition of swine flu! Hope you feel better soon (and I can't believe you're nearly 50 either).

  2. I love the idea of a list of things that make you happy - what a great way to channel some positivity!

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling so awful. Get well soon!!

  3. Ouch! Diggin' Jamoosh on a Thursday? I am now declaring war on Australia.

  4. I sooooooooooooo love this list.

    "seeing the sun rise on a cool crisp morning" awesome.


    Hey I'm coming in late December!!

  5. You're clearly in trouble with Jamoosh!

    Love your list. Love that you are almost 50 and turn heads! You go.

  6. Love it! Hope you are feeling better already. Breakfast with running friends after a run is certainly one of the best you can get. I love looking at the sunrise every day. I hardly ever miss it.

    How’s my luck with Comrades…? Luckily I’ve got many goals coming up but geez, this toe thing is weird. How did your friends go? Did they enjoy the experience?

  7. Love your list, very fun! I wish you lived closer and could bring me some of those high caloried snacks on over!! :)

    Love how you blame your husband on the flu - good job! :)

    Sorry about the race, but I guess you're right and it wouldn't be much fun at all! Save the strength for the next one!

  8. I need a lot of books waiting for me so I can have a choice. I stayed up too late reading last night.

  9. A great post we all can walk away with. Money doesn't buy happiness. You nailed it.

  10. Your friend certainly ran a great Comrades and yes, there are hills and hills and more hills. Luckily I've done it before and also didn't travel from another country for a DNF. That would be really sad.

  11. Sorry, just now catching up. Love this list. Hope you're better by now!

  12. Great list Char! I hope you are feeling all better soon. Happy reading (my favorite leisure activity) :)

  13. I hope you get well soon.
    Great list.


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