Thursday, June 21, 2012

Feeling Power-less

I'm going without electricity today. No, I haven't become a 'save the planet, peace-loving, flower-wearing hippy' (not that there's anything wrong with that if that's your passion in life). I quite like electricity in a controlled usable way, not a start-a-fire-in-a-computer-and-threaten-my-son's-life way. In fact, I've found out this week just how reliant I am on it.

Energex, our electricity provider, has decided to upgrade its services in our area so twice this week I've been shut down power-wise. I was a little bit excited when I saw the first notice. No power means no work. Yeah - I stupidly forgot the other side of the equation where no power means no computer, no baking, no cups of tea, no watching anything that you've recorded for an enforced lazy day like this. I couldn't even vacuum - do I hear scoffing laughter? Yeah, you're probably right. That would never be on my list of things to do on a day off.

Wednesday was the first power-free day. I was prepared. I'd breakfasted and turned off all the appropriate equipment by the allotted time. But I hadn't accounted for some things that I do every day - like drying my hair. The power was switched off just a minute and a quarter of the drying into making myself respectable for public viewing. There may have been a naughty word said at this point but I soon had myself under control and with a plan B.

There's a few advantages to living close to your parents and the use of their electricity in a dire emergency is one of them. I packed up my dryer, brush and hair spray, said goodbye to the dogs and trotted downstairs to the car only to realize that the garage door was also run on electricity. Doh!!

I managed to keep the naughty words reined in this time - probably because there was a strange man IN my garage. And this strange man was kind enough to open the door manually and let the crazy woman leave.

Today the power was still on when I left home so I kind of forgot that it was going to happen. Maybe that second letter we'd gotten was a mistake. I made all these plans about how I would fill the day (work's still slow) - including this little beauty that Coach Chris sent me.

Then I get home with bags of ingredients to find out I'm powerless again. At least, this time my hair looks good.

I'm seriously thinking of taking out my last batch of cupcakes to all the workmen outside as an unashamed bribe to get the work finished pronto. They're very special cupcakes made for a guest post on Running With Spatulas. I'm sure Ali won't mind you getting a sneak peak. If you're interested in making them, the post has all the details. And I'll let you know when it's up.

Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes

I'm typing this post on my phone using the Blogger ap for the first time (and only because I HAVE NO POWER - no, of course I'm not frustrated) so bear with me if the pics aren't in the right place.


  1. This is funny, and also it's my job to generate electricity. I run one of the largest power producers in the US. I always say, without electricity we might as well go back to the dark ages. Amazing how dependent we all are. It touches just about all areas of our lives without realizing it until it's not available.

  2. I am super impressed you typed this entire post on your phone. I can't even send a text message without it taking me 10 minutes and it's always full of typos. Of course, autocorrect has some great fun with it, too.

    I don't think I need to click on any cupcake recipes. Really.

  3. Love the idea of the cupcakes in the champagne glasses with candies underneath! Very festive!

    Hope your power woes get sorted out soon...funny how you only realize how important things like that are in our lives, when they get taken away unexpectedly...

  4. No electricity at home? It's time for a vacation somewhere.

  5. I'm sure you have better things to do than become a "save the planet" :) although I think that development today must not undermine the development and environment needs of
    present and future generations.
    Unfortunately, our life depends on the availability of usable energy.

  6. We get power outages from time to time and I must admit I love it. Always good if there can be time away from technology. Your cupcakes look really yummy! I'm super impressed with your phone blogging skills. Have a good weekend!

  7. Oh those little cupcakes in the glasses with candies underneath are LOVELY!

    Hopefully no more power outages. I would be LOST!

  8. I'm impressed you were even able to add pics using this ap from your phone. I have never successfully added pictures from my home to blog yet but it's been a while do maybe I need to try again and use that ap!

    Those desserts look amazing. You are SO talented!!

  9. Yum! Both photos look delicious, so I can't wait to see the recipe. I'm curious about the strange man in your garage, so I hope you will give more details when you have your power back :)

  10. I'm not good with the Blogger ap but desperate times call for desperate measures!

  11. ooh! looks so good! I've used the Blogger app too but I agree that it's a pain to have the pics in the wrong place. I wish they could be moved around! They should fix that.


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