Sunday, June 17, 2012

Running Ruminations and Pickled Porcine Parts

I chose not to run on Saturday. It's always a hard decision to make but I know it was the right one. I just can't mess around with my health and pushing it too hard now will have serious consequences. But boy it's hard to say no when your head's saying do it.

I've been thinking of all those ads and motivational sayings that urge us to be more than we think we can be - 'Just Do It', 'Life Without Limits', 'Be All That You Can Be'. I've always been inspired by these but lately I've been wondering what if this IS all I can be. If I 'just do it' will I end up sick and exhausted for months? Maybe my life does have limits. I'm not actually doing this in a negative way - more contemplative. And maybe it's okay to accept those limits without feeling like I've copped out. I don't have to run ultramarathons or even marathons to be a runner. I am a runner no matter if my weekly total is only small.

And it's not that I've given up hope that I'll recover and one day run strong and long again. There are still some running things that I'd love to do. I do think this latest set-back is only small and will take a week of being judicious to have me back on track again. I may have missed yesterday's run but I ran today - just 7k and very, very comfortably. I even walked up the big hill and I'm not ashamed. My aim was to keep my heart rate down and I succeeded.

I have my first race of this year coming up in two weeks. It's the Gold Coast 10k and I will run my slowest ever time but I will be proud that I've been able to finish it despite all that's happened this year. It may be a PW but it's not going to be quite as slow a PW as I was expecting so that's almost a PR isn't it?


Enough of the confused Sunday evening rambling - I have another Toby story to share. 

Toby is teething. He chews on everything but mostly sticks and bark from our garden. And he likes to chew those sticks and bark in our lounge room on the carpet. Talk about a mess. So yesterday I decided to give him a pig's ear instead. Mmmm pig's ear! He loves them like Homer loves doughnuts. He carried that pig's ear outside so proudly and spent ages gnawing away on it. 

Then he decided that is was warmer in the house so he carried it back into the lounge room and lay under my seat. If you've ever smelt one of those pig's ears you'll know just how nasty it smells - a little like a piggery on a hot summer's day (yes, I've been in one and know exactly how rank it smells). I could only stand it for five minutes before I was encouraging him outside again. And he was pretty obedient. He trotted outside again but this time he was only out there for a short while before he was back in - this time without his stinky treat.

Later that evening I sent both dogs out to go to the toilet before we shut up for the night. Toby did what he had to and then continued to sniff the ground, following some mystery scent. I thought he was finding a place to go #2 but no - he ended up at the old cubby house where he stuck his head in a hole in the wall, rummaged around for a while, then triumphantly pulled out his half-chewed pig's ear. He'd hidden it away for a midnight snack. Amazing how early those doggy instincts kick in.

And finally - Toby's latest trick. I must apologise for my lack of skills - who knew that the camera didn't just readjust when I turned it on it's side? Obviously not me. If anyone ends up with a neck spasm from watching it, Sam recommends two ibuprofen and a heat pack :)


  1. I am so impressed with how sensible you're being. I know how hard it is when you just want to throw caution to the wind and get out there, but I'm sure yoiu're doing the right thing and it'll work out in the long run (so to speak). Enjoy the 10K!

  2. It takes guts and maturity to keep your running reeled in as you are. I pat you on the back for it--I don't know that I could do the same!

    I'm in love with Toby.

  3. It is so great that you can DO the 10K. Enjoy it and don't worry about your time.
    Jaxon visited again today! He does love it here and all the running around he can do.

  4. Very sensible indeed! The main thing is that you enjoy that 10K - my new mantra is something along the lines of how grateful I am to be able to move my body in a way that makes me feel good and gives me joy...instead of beating myself up, keep in mind how lucky I am to be able to move at all.

  5. I actually think it is harder to dial it back than to "go for it", so you are a rock star in my book. I think the discipline to rest, to say "no", is more important to running well than the ability to push through. My really talented runners are the ones I am constantly having to reel back in, to teach them the importance of pulling back, because the running comes easy. You obviously have talent, and determination, and it is so great that you have the discipline to listen to your body - the hardest part. Go Char!

  6. It is so hard to listen to your body, especially when it says, "No running today!" Coach keeps telling me this is all part of being a runner. ECH! Glad to see your getting satisfaction in other areas of your life - Toby is so cute!

  7. Which Jo Jo Moyes book do you have? You'll have to let me know how it is.

  8. I know how you feel! It really is very hard to decide to skip a run, and it always makes me feel lousy! But I think you made a wise decision. It really is important to take care of your body.

    If you've got the urge to run, wouldn't it be possible to take up aquajogging or running on an underwater treadmill? I just discovered these exist, and wrote a post about them.

    That way you can help your body, and still run!

  9. Pig ears. Why? Dogs will eat anything...


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