Friday, September 7, 2012

Saturday in Pictures

This is how my Saturday looks.

18.65k of happy! My longest run of the year to date. Wearing my new shirt which is a gorgeous colour and makes me look 10 years younger (in my humble opinion). And that works out perfectly because running 18.65k makes me look 10 years older. I finished a bit tired but it was the right kind of tired - not the sick and tired that I had at the beginning of the year. Never has chafing felt so good!

The mess we came home to after a lovely cafe breakfast of eggs and coffee. Toby likes to move his bed so he can see more. The rest of the mess is his blankets and his toys. I should really train Toby to pick up his own mess like I did with my human children but considering the states that their bedrooms are usually in I might just save myself the effort.

The mystery of where where Josh's teddy had disappeared to was solved!. Toby didn't really steal it - he was just showing it around the garden and keeping it company. There's nothing cuter than finding your dog cuddling a teddy.

Luke's girlfriend Becky's mother is having a milestone birthday this weekend. And a milestone birthday deserves a party and some very feminine cupcakes. Toby was in the kitchen giving me lots of moral support while I was making the icing. I couldn't work out why he got so excited when he saw the piping bag until I remembered that he gets the left-overs now to save me from myself. Poor Bubbles doesn't get any but it's only because she's so little that any extra calories go straight to her waist.

I wouldn't have thought that a dog would like lemon icing so much - after all he wasn't so keen on the squeezed out lemon peels.

And it's only just 1pm. I think a nap's in order :-)


  1. Hi Char,
    Congratulations on your 18.5km - that is awesome. Toby is awesome also. Lucy isn't a fan of lemons but she loves apples and bananas!

  2. Love the shirt - it does look great on you! So that plus the mileage means you are 20 years younger today - wow!

  3. Nice photo of you with that shirt! Congrats on your 18.5km long run ... I can understand that this is a great running milestone for you!
    I'd like to have those cupcakes at breakfast although they are very feminine :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Bubbles and I have the same problem with sugar and hips :(. Excellent news on the long run, you are making great pain-free progress!! :)

  5. Great shirt color! Great run! Best news today! And I have a milestone birthday next year.

  6. Fantastic running, and you do look great in that shirt! I'm sure Toby doasn't make as much mess as my kids, and I really haven't got them house-trained yet...

  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First off - I was actually going to tell you how amazing you looked in the comments as soon as I saw that colour on you and your sweet smile Char....but then you told me better so I'll just agree ;) you definitely look 20 years younger!

    18k is my longest run to date! and I hope to get another one that distance in before 2012 is done - I am SO proud of you :) So happy that your runs are going better.

    and HOLY moly TOBY!!! I can't believe a) how big he is and b) how he's eating icing!!!

    Nice soon as this sugar challenge is over I hope to make some pretty ones myself!

  8. 18km is AMAZING!!! Well done!

    Oh and those cakes look gorgeous. Too pretty to eat!


  9. Congrats on your long run, that is awesome!

    You are so funny feeding the dog the extra icing. I admit, I'm pretty jealous of Toby.

  10. I know just what you mean by 'the right kind of tired'! Running gives you this lovely tired feeling, of being healthy and having done something worthwhile. I love it.

  11. Toby is a doll...... I love when my Sadie sleeps on her 'babies'.

    Those are beautiful cupcakes. Well done!!!

  12. Fantastic run and you look beautiful in that color! You need to come to the US and go on Cupcake Wars. You'd win for sure.

  13. Nice job on the run and that shirt is an awesome color!

    You need to come visit and make me cupcakes. Just sayin'


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