Monday, September 3, 2012

Three Things Tuesday (Alliteration Fail!)

It was Father's Day here on Sunday and I found that my chalk board had been hijacked. Sam had written this beautiful sentiment for Iven. Awww!

But while I was touched by his thoughtfulness I couldn't help but wonder where I stood in the list of 'great gifts.' Competitive? Hell, yeah! Even when it comes to parenting.


This is how I felt this morning after speed session. Four 1500m reps with a 500m recovery between each. Coach Chris offered me the lighter option of 500m reps but I wanted to see how I'd go. I managed them all in sub-5 minute pace (7:09, 7:16. 7:19, 7:19) - happy! Follow this with our usual post-run breakfast and a nap. You honestly couldn't ask for a better start to the day.

I'd like to stress that the running session was done on less-than-happy muscles. Because my running has been going quite well, I decided that it was time to push the envelope a little and hope that it doesn't tear. Yesterday I did 45 mins on my exercise bike (watching TV because the exercise bike is incredibly boring) followed by some of the lower body strength exercises that Sam had given me at the end of last year. And because I never quite know when enough is enough, Toby and I did a little more running than usual on our walk.

Even before I'd gone to bed last night I could feel that it wasn't going to be pretty in the morning. And this morning I was sure that rigor mortis had set in prematurely. Somehow everything seemed to work just fine once I'd warmed up. But even now, just a few hours afterwards, I'm starting to seize up again. I'm terrified of having to go to the toilet because I may just get stuck there until Iven gets home. This is one of those moments when I wished that girls could pee standing up.

But even though I'm complaining, it feels kind-of good to have DOMS. Is that masochistic? I wish the area affected by the DOMS was instantly toned and uplifted so it was obvious to the entire world that I'd done hard-core squats and lunges and even some plyometrics and wasn't hobbling just because I'm getting on in years. Pass me the walking stick.


This weekend's baking creation was for one of Luke's friends, Peter. Actually, according to Facebook, he's my friend too. I was initially a little taken aback when he asked to be my Facebook friend and tried to find out from Luke why he'd asked me. Luke told me that Peter thought I was cool. I was flattered - not many people think I'm cool. I don't try to be cool but cool-ness is something you've either got or haven't and apparently I've got it. (If any of my sons are reading this please do not snort derisively or post snide comments - let your poor mother live with her delusions. I promise your lives will be easier if you do so)

I personally think that Peter asked to 'friend' me because he heard rumours that Facebook friends get birthday cake (except if they live in other states or countries). So Peter ended up with this creation that required mathematical precision and a steady hand to keep it intact.

Yeah, I know what boys like.


  1. What an amazing looking cake concoction! Hurrah for DOMS, only if they leave before the long run I say :)

  2. Yes, I think achy muscles are a GOOD thing sometimes; tells us that we're using our muscles to make us stronger!! I've been going to this weight lifting class and I can barely walk the next day...I remember when I worked with a personal trainer for a couple years and he'd push me to the point of utter soreness. I ran the best I ever have in those two years so I find some truth to this :).

    I wish I didn't see that cake as I doze off to bed....I bet I'll have sugar dreams all night! ha.

  3. Great running. After a period of injury and no running, a bit of DOMS feels great, I agree. It's good to know that you've challenged your muscles and made them work hard.

    Another incredible looking cake...!

  4. I did see that cake on FB and was wondering who the lucky recipient was! One of my sons friends friend requested me on FB and I felt kind of strange about it, but after checking it out with him first, I accepted it.

    And I thought exactly the same thing when I saw the chalk board - hey, what about mom???

  5. So if I "friend" you,I get a cake for my birthday??? Time to start looking..... ;)

    Great job on the speed workout!!!

  6. I think it is great that you can have sore muscles like that. You are getting back on track with your running, yay! That cake is so exactly what boys like :)

  7. Okay I know if I live in another country I am not getting a birthday treat. Love that your son's friend thinks you're cool. It has nothing to do with a great dessert! That just adds to your coolness.

  8. Well done on the reps! And thank you for the gratuitious sleepy puppy picture. :)

    That is one tasty looking cake. Yes please!

  9. Father's day in Italy is on March 19th (St. Joseph day).
    Good job on the workout, brava!


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