Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Pretty Big Carrot.

We all need a carrot sometimes.

I decided that I needed one yesterday. And not the grated stuff that I put on my salad at lunch.

No, I needed a real carrot. An incentive to get me through the next few weeks of work-hell. So I've made some plans. I'm going away for a race weekend.

Not just any race weekend. I'm going to steal two days off work - only fair because work has stolen more than two days off me - and have an extended long weekend. Down in Victoria. Where my eldest and his girlfriend has just moved to. And my #2 is going to come as well.

I'm a wee bit excited.

And I got even more excited when I Googled for pictures to put here and show you why I'm excited.

Beautiful, isn't it?!!

It's the Great Ocean Road Marathon down in Victoria. Josh and I will be doing the half (which is actually 23k. The marathon is 45k). 

Procrastination made the hunt for accommodation a little tricky. Especially since there'll be four of us. But I managed to find somewhere just out of Apollo Bay where the race finishes. It's a point-to-point race.

I'm not sure what I'm more excited about - running in such a spectacular part of the world or seeing Sam. One thing's for sure, the combination of the two is a pretty big carrot.


  1. The whole thing sounds wonderful. I know how glad I am to visit Em. And visiting in a beautiful place just adds to it. Racing adds yet more. And racing next to the ocean can't be beat. Yay for you!!

  2. Like the idea of the carrot (getting away, family time, having a break) and the stick (actually running!).

  3. I love the kind of carrot you use!!! So exciting that you will get to see one of your sons and run with another!! That race is going to be spectacular!

  4. Sounds absolutely wonderful!

  5. That is really awesome! Looks like a race I would enjoy. The scenery and point to point are both on my favorite race list for sure.

  6. Oh wow--how could you not? When is it? May I join you?

    1. Of course you can. It's in the middle of May.

  7. Absolutely stunning! I hope I shall run a race next to the ocean!

  8. wow, the view looks spectacular!!!

  9. I'm so jealous - that looks like a fantastic place to run! And see Sam :)

  10. Nothing more exciting than visiting your baby that has moved away! Have a ball!


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