Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ombre Hair - Bad Regrowth In Disguise?

I've been a little bit lazy lately.

Not with my running. I'm consistently running over 50k a week at the moment so I'm happy about that.

And not with my work.That's been manic for a couple of weeks now. Competition season is just a little way off and everyone wants to put their order in right now. Weekend work has started already and I'm having to work a few extra hours every day just so I don't drown.

No, the area that I've been a bit lazy in is my hair. It's been months since I've had a trim and a little longer since I've had it coloured. And we all know what that means - the shame of regrowth!

I've had a darker area become more visible around my part and that area's gotten bigger and bigger. It's like a message to the world that says 'I can't do it all' or 'I'd rather have a coffee with a friend on my limited down time than sit with bleach in my hair making my eyes run' or I just don't care any more'.

Luckily I only feel bad about it a couple of times a day - when I'm blow-drying my hair in the morning and any time I catch my reflection where there's good light. And, because my attention span isn't that great, those feelings don't last long.

But yesterday I saw something on TV that took away all my feelings of laziness and inadequacy of being a modern-woman-who-can't-do- it-all.

Ombre hair!

I'd heard of Ombre cake. I've even tried to make an Ombre cake. It wasn't as successful as the one in the picture but it wasn't too bad for a first attempt.

Who knew that I would be so much more successful at Ombre hair without even realising that there was such a thing? Give me a couple more months and I'll have hair a lot like on that box. Except that it'll be on a fifty-one year old. Which won't look anywhere near as nice. Or as trendy. My suspicions are that it will look like a middle-aged woman who's just let herself go. 

Which leads me back to where I was - in desperate need of a colour and cut but without the time to do it.

And in other news I had a lovely breakfast with some of my family the other day. My mum and sister were there. As was my niece and her family.

Nicole was feeding one of the boys and Nick had the other but Annie, their 2 year old wanted to sit at the table too so my sister lifted her up onto her lap. We were all busy in conversation and eating when my sister jumped up from her chair a little and deposited Annie onto the floor. 

We were all confused until we saw the puddle on the floor and the wet patch on my sister's pants. Annie is in the process of potty training. Add that to just having done a swimming lesson (I can remember swallowing my fair share of pool water when I was learning. I'm pretty sure that I now have an immune system that could fight Ebola if it had to) and let's just say it was probably inevitable. I haven't had such a good laugh in a long time. Luckily my sister's pants were quick-drying so she only had to cope with the ignominy of the wet crotch patch for a short while. 


  1. Growing in my gray over the past few years, I tried to convince myself that it was just an ombre variation and therefore in style. Yeah....I wasn't really convinced either. Luckily, it's all in now and I'm past that phase...

  2. Swimming lessons are awesome for building immunity!!

  3. I've been sporting the ombre look for awhile now. If it's good enough for Andie on The Bachelor, it's good enough for me. Ah toddlers.

  4. So funny about the ombre look - I bet you could really get that trend going!!!
    Your poor sister - those are the things that aren't so great at the time but make for super stories!!!

  5. Ombre hair has been "in style" here for awhile, and I've always said that...people pay for that - it just looks like a hair dye growing out.

    Yuck on the peed on sister. I would have been pretty grossed out by that...you can tell I've never had kids :)

  6. Never quite got ombre hair (just give me pink hair any day)... but hey, you might start a trend. Remember, you're awesome either way.

  7. I fully expect to see your picture on that box soon--why not a 50-yr. old trendsetter?! It's funny: I don't worry much about makeup or fashion, but I hate when my roots start showing. I am faithfully at the hairdressers getting the color done every 12 weeks!

  8. Didn't know that was fashionable. Since I've gone gray I pay no attention. There is a strange older woman in my mirror all the time though.

  9. Because I'm trying to not spend money (as opposed to saving it, which I'm definitely not doing!) I'm not going to the hairdresser much, so I've been getting my (usually) blonde hair darker than usual so the regrowth won't be as scary.

  10. I'm sure there's a strong running woman in your mirror :) ... 50k a week is a great mileage!

  11. Ole Ombre!

    Yeah, I don't know what I was going for there...

    Regardless, busy women the world over are saluting the Ombre trend. Including me and my almost black halo above medium brown frizz

  12. Ha ha ha! Love it! You are a trendsetter and you didn't even know it - isn't that the best kind of trendsetter to be, the one who does it effortlessly? I just might have to think about joining you (actually I don't have to think about it, my hair part is doing it all by itself)!

  13. This post reminded me of this video, which I think is awesome.



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