Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beware Of The Dog

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I love my dog. More than my kids at times (sorry kids but Toby never leaves his bed unmade or leaves dirty undies on the floor). And definitely more than my husband (Yes, Iven knows this and is happy to accept it as long as I keep baking cupcakes, washing his clothes and making his dinner).

Toby has been an absolute delight to me from the moment we brought him home. Despite having to clean messes up off the carpet (and there weren't many because he was a pretty quick learner). He's made me laugh every day - even when I was going through some pretty hard times.

He's been a great companion, an excellent waste disposal unit and a great de-stresser (it's hard not to relax when you're stroking the snoring dog that's trying to lie on your lap). And I'm pretty sure that he likes all the TV programs that I like - which is more than I can say about anyone else in my family.

He's also been a great guard dog.

Or so I thought.

Toby has a timid, gentle nature so everyone who knows him knows that he'd never actually hurt a fly. Okay, once he killed a bird but it was only because he was trying to help it outside and who knew that its neck would be so fragile?

But even though we know he's harmless, visitors to our place will often get a different initial impression. Toby has a very intimidating bark. It's deep and loud and it means business. Sure he looks pretty but he sounds ferocious.

We live right next to the back of a school and sometimes the kids come a little close to our fence line for Toby's liking. Just two days ago a couple of loud boys decided to come a within Toby's territorial range so Toby let them know in no uncertain terms that they should back off. He was using his most officious bark and I was just about to go outside and tell him off when he bark changed and became a bit muffled.

Of course I was curious. So I went outside. The reason for the change in bark was obvious.

Yes, he was barking around the teddy that was in his mouth. I'm pretty sure he wasn't protecting his house or his humans. He was making sure those big, loud boys didn't get a hold of his favourite toy.

Yes, he's one ferocious guard dog.


  1. Haha, I think Toby and Jack are cut from the same cloth.

  2. HaHa - Toby is going to protect what he loves - pretty sure that would include you!!!

  3. Looks like Toby has his priorities straight. Smart boy.

  4. That is why we don't have kids, Shandy likes the double bed in the spare room to her self...

  5. ...and did he manage to scare the kids away, or are they on to how sweet he is?

  6. Haha! This reminds me so much of our dog Spiral. He sounds and looks very vicious but is a real baby.

  7. Love, love, love this post! I couldn't agree more about the love and happiness we get from our dogs.

    Bella has a way to bark with her ball in her mouth. To be honest that sounds better than without it because her bark is high, it's almost screaming and hurts my ears :)

  8. Love this! So funny and sweet at the same time.

  9. I think it's funny he has a teddy as our dogs didn't ever have a favourite toy or anything. Very cute.

  10. Aww Toby you are one cute dog!! Our lab loves toys too except if it has a squeaker in it our staffy rips it apart and gets the squeaker out.
    I really should write more about the dogs. They are both getting old and I would hate to forget silly things about them.


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