Thursday, August 28, 2014

Baby Steps

I'm reporting in after my first week on the come-back trail to fitness.

After my fairly successful run on Sunday I've run ... (drum roll please) ... once. Underwhelmed? Yeah, me too. But I'm listening to my body and doing what it requires of me and this week it's requiring that I not push too hard.

I went to speed session on Tuesday and it went a lot better than I thought it would. I decided ahead of time that I wouldn't bother with timing each of the reps. Because if I time them I compare them with previous sessions and there was going to be no positive outcomes in comparing. So my aim was to just run consistently for the session. Unfortunately, though, unless you time yourself you actually don't know if you're running consistently. So let's pretend that I did - even though I  seemed to get further and further away from my speed nemesis Bevan in the second half of the set. I'm pretty sure that was because he was running faster.

I finished the session pretty pleased with myself.

Until I realised just how much it had taken out of me. Oops. Always a little too optimistic about my ability.

I had to have a nap before work. And then I dragged through the rest of the day.

I didn't even try to run on Wednesday. It would have been a very poor choice. But Thursday seemed like it was do-able - until I heard the rain when I woke up early to go to the loo. Then I turned the alarm off. And I can't run on Friday with our long run on Saturday so I guess that it'll end up just being three runs this week.

I'm okay with that. I've put the rest of the year on the back-burner as far as events are concerned. Just so I can build up again without the pressure of looming races. I was supposed to be doing a half this weekend but I've canned that - I know that I'd be disappointed and it might put me back a couple of weeks if I pushed myself. And I've also decided against running the marathon in Melbourne.

There will be other races in other years.

But I have had one big success for this week. I've gained back one kilo.

Baby steps.


  1. Take it easy. You were pretty sick and no doubt need the rest.

  2. Ah, I've been so far out of blog land that now I must catch up and see what was going on with you. Baby steps...yes! Hope you just keep getting better and better.

  3. So I take it I'm the only one saying get out and run... do the half as a long run, no pressure just for fun, I still love being at races, the vibe is great, and it's easier to get up for a race (even if it to be a long run) then it is to get up for a long run (even if you know it will end up a race!) There is something about meeting 1000 of your friends for a run that is great!

  4. Did I miss the sick part?? Didn't realise it was serious health issues again ... although health is always a serious issue :(
    Please take it easy on yourself, postponing races is the right thing to do until you feel much stronger again. Heavens I'm feeling fit and strong and only managing 2 runs this week.
    Take care xx

  5. You are going about this sensibly and that is great. Baby steps are the best and will get you there in one peace.

  6. I think you are wise to back off until you feel like racing again. No reason to push, right? Feel better.

  7. You are smart! I went a week without running (stubbed toe - how stupid) but have run twice this week. It's hard to know what to do. Good luck.

  8. You're being very wise and mature--just what I expect from you!

  9. Good decisions! Your smart to listen to your inner self!

  10. You are so smart to build everything back slowly. As runners we can be pretty dumb about pushing too quickly, not listening to our bodies, and then setting ourselves back even farther. Hang in there. I know you, you'll get there.

  11. Hey, looks like you made a few changes over here - looks great!!
    I think that taking a couple races off was a great choice - racing without truly being trained and ready sucks!!!
    Hope the long run goes well!!

  12. As you said small steps - you don't want to push too hard and injure yourself etc.

    What is it they say about treating yourself the way you would others? What would you say to your kids or someone else in your position?

  13. I can only admire and hope to emulate your sensible-ness. Although I might be tempted to run the half and use it as a long slow run rather than a race...
    Good luck with your recovery.

  14. Girl, you are a smart cookie! Listening to your body and built back your fitness before even think about racing. I can't tell you how many blogs I've been reading over the past years where people should have done the same but didn't and ended up with more issues than before.

    Take your time, I know you will be fine soon and start fresh and strong at next years races.


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