Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Short and Sweet

Just keeping this post short and sweet. Except that it's not so sweet. The opposite of sweet is savoury but what I'm talking about is quite unsavoury. Again!

But be assured that there will be no mention of vomitus this time around.

So today's topic is dog walking - of which I have been doing quite a bit of lately with my better half interstate visiting his sick, elderly mother.

I'm quite an experienced dog walker. I've had dogs since I was 16 and I can happily wrangle my two around a 5k circuit without wrapping myself around too many poles.

But despite my years of experience there's something that I keep forgetting. Dogs like to cover their excreta after they've finished. Well my dogs do anyway. I'm not sure if it's some evolutionary instinct so other predators can't find them but the fact that they like to pee as high as they can up a pole so other dogs think that there's one giant canine living in the area would dispute that theory.

Maybe my dogs are modest but they like to cover their poop with a good layer over dirt, bark and whatever else they can find to kick over it. And that's the part I keep forgetting. When I bend over to pick up said poop in a plastic bag. And said poop is on a hill and the pooper is facing uphill and the poop-picker-upper (me) is downhill. Which causes the poop to be sent like a heat-seeking missile right in my direction.

All I can say is that I'm glad that the poop was fairly firm. 

But that smell followed me for the other 4.5k of our loop.

It's just as well I love them so much.


  1. I usually miss not having a dog, but sometimes I'm glad we don't have one. This is one of those times. The smell that followed you home is very vivid in my imagination right now!

  2. I only walk the children on the weekends...

    I have a wife to walk them in the week!!! she's the expert!

  3. I'm laughing out loud here, I am fortunate this never happened to me. Also Bella doesn't like "cleaning up" so when she's done, she walks away. Makes it easy for me to clean up after her.

    And how could you not forgive those 2 lovely sweethearts in the last pic.

  4. Is there a difference between human environment (e.g. home) and dogs place (such as garden or farmland)?
    I have never walked dogs. And I am so glad I don't have one (completely agree with amy on this point): people who have a dog don't notice the smell that follows their home ... their brains are accustomed to that smell.

  5. Hahaha. One of my dogs is a Bush pooper. I don't know why, but he has an aversion to pooping directly on the ground. But he still kicks as of to cover it.

  6. So the kicking is to COVER it? Why did I not realize this? My dogs do a perfunctory kick but come nowhere close to covering anything.

  7. First, hope your hubby's Mom is feeling better. Second, I just realized what that dog on 2 legs was doing - eww! Third, I hate dog poop smell! Here's to roses and lavender!

  8. I hope it was from the small one & not the big one!!

  9. Toby's big like Jack, and maybe the worst thing ever with a big dog is when their droppings are soft, instead of hard ... sticking your hand into that (through a bag of course) almost triggers my gag reflex every time. I mean based on the size of it, I might as well be retrieving a human's diarrhea or something ... so disgusting!

    1. Toby's really aren't too bad. They're pretty solid. I can't believe I'm sharing details about dog poop consistency.

  10. Oh my. I can see that that wouldn't be so great. Good thing we love our pets.

  11. Ugh!!! I don't have dogs and it always grosses me out when I see people having to pick up dog poop (although I'm happy they don't leave it for me to step in) and then have to carry it in a bag for the rest of the walk.

  12. Hilarious post. I must remember this lesson when I will have a dog (after my retirement).

  13. LOL. THis is so hilarious! Jack has to "cover his poop" too. I luckily have never been sprayed with the poop, but ocassionally he stops to pee without warning and sometimes my foot is still there. I have sadly been peed on more times then I'd care to admit.

  14. Oh…. yes, I'm kinda glad I don't have a dog. I can't even deal with the concept of kitty litter.

  15. Um.
    Give me a cat!


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