Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Another Important Life Lesson

I'm a girl.

Not a big surprise there since I've birthed three no-longer-tiny humans. And have all of the appropriate accessories that girls usually have.

I'm not always girlish when it comes to certain things - like wearing make-up and high heels. And I'd prefer to wear shorts over a skirt. But there are definitely times that my gender makes itself felt. Like when I bought these.

No, they're not the most unusually shaped tampons on the market. 

They just happen to be the prettiest dog poop bags that I've ever seen. Seriously, the only way they could have been prettier is if they were encrusted with glitter and diamantes. So when I saw them I just had to have them. And at $2.00 from the cheap shop, I had to have two.

Yes, I could have bought plain, clear ones cheaper but these ones spoke to me. And I'm pretty sure they said 'buy me'. So I did. Talk about extravagant! If Iven asks me about them I'll be using the 'this old thing? I've had it for years' line. Wouldn't want him to think I was squandering his hard-earned money.

Yesterday I realised that I really should have saved that extra twenty cents.

I took these two out for their walk.

And of course Toby did what he always does on a walk. Took a dump that a horse would be proud of. I pulled out a pretty little red poop bag with white hearts on it and did what a responsible dog owner that doesn't want to pay a $227.70 (who decides these random numbers?) fine does. I picked up the poop. In my pretty bag that, oddly, didn't look quite so pretty any more. But felt lovely and warm.

And it was at that point that I learnt an important life lesson. You can wrap up a turd in the most beautiful of wrappings and tie it up with a big sparkly bow but when you open up the wrapping it will still be a turd.

But having said that, if I ever do find poop bags encrusted with glitter and diamantes I'll probably still buy them. Hang the expense. And I'll do it because I'm a girl and I just couldn't resist.


  1. One of the grossest things about owning a dog is picking up their poop during a walk. Most of the time it's hard and not so bad, but the days when it's soft and mushy are almost enough to make you puke. So gross.

  2. I love those bags but not so much the idea of picking up dog poop. I wish that there was a fine here - I can't even tell you how many times I've sen people walking their dogs and not cleaning up after them.

  3. Those bags speak to me as well. Not the lovely and warm part though.

  4. Whenever I see people picking up after their pets, I resolve to never have pets.

  5. I suppose if those bags make you feel slightly better about picking up turds they're worth the extra 20 cents!

    Now, out of curiosity... how is that $227.70 (someone just got too lazy to type in any different numbers - I'm surprised it isn't $227.77) fine enforced? DNA tests??

    1. Beats me. I've yet to see anyone being fined but assume that the one time I don't pick up will be the one time that it happens.

  6. I am all over finding those bags. 2.00 shop come at me!

  7. I would totally buy those too :) I have the boring red bags, the only kind I can get here.

    Wow the fine for not picking up is huge! We have to clean up here too although there are some areas where the dogs can walk without a leash and you don't have to clean up. I have no idea what the fine here is, I have never seen someone get a fine.

    But it's stupid though that I have to clean it up and pay taxes for having a dog while the horses in my town shit on the street and that doesn't have to be picked up. And we all know how much more horse shit is compared to dogs :)

  8. Ugh. Poop. I am feeling not so happy about poop right now. My cat pooped in a not so pleasant place this morning. A pretty bag would not have made me happier. I still love my cats. I still love my cats. I still love my cats.

  9. We have a spot where our dogs do their business and as it is not really anyones property we leave it. Fine me now!!!
    Such pretty bags!!
    There is a business for you, making your own bejewelled poo bags!!

  10. Nice bags! Here in SA there are hardly any rules and no laws for doggy poop. If you want to leave it you can...

  11. But - you could colour-coordinate the bag to go with whatever you are wearing. Or your mood. Whichever is brighter! ;-)

  12. You had me worried - I was expecting a much messier outcome! Good thing it was just warm... But yes, a turd is a turd, no matter how much you gussy it up. Enjoy your bags anyhow!


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