Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Attracting Birds

I thought it was time that I gave you an update on my mission to attract beautiful, wild birds to our garden.

When I embarked on this mission I thought that it would just be a matter of throwing a bit of birdseed into a container and the local feathered fauna would come flocking to my patio. After all my sister manages to regularly get some gorgeous birds and she doesn't even feed them.

Two of my sister's regulars

And my Mum gets so many birds that she's buying huge sacks of feed every week or so.

Me? In three months I've had one magpie, one scrub turkey and one cockatoo. And I didn't even get to see the cockatoo. It waited till I was out to come visit. Luckily #3 son was there to provide proof before the dogs scared it off.

We are attracting other wildlife though. One night #2 son came home late from soccer and found a possum and a rat feeding on the seed. The possum had the grace to take off but the rat wasn't so easily scared off. Great! All we need are bold rats infesting our house. That's such a comforting thought to take to bed each night.

But I think the tides are finally turning. Yesterday Bubbles gave me a present. She caught me this Scaly Breasted Lorikeet. In her mouth. While I had a client over. Nothing like a shrieking bird to liven up a business meeting. 

Of course my heroic instincts kicked in to rescue the poor bedraggled thing from the semi-toothless jaws of our geriatric dog. And of course I was rewarded with a blood-drawing bite from that powerful beak. No gratitude! 

He just couldn't seem to fly. Which is why Bubbles caught him in the first place I guess. So I've stuck him in a cage with some food and water in the hope that he'll regain his strength and we'll be able to release him into the wild before too long.

But in the meanwhile he's providing hours of entertainment to Toby (who's back in the cone of shame unless he's supervised. Allergies are a bitch!)

And I've placed the cage close to the bird-feeder in the hope that his calls will attract other birds our way.

There's hope yet!


  1. I think birds are fascinating!!! I hope your little friend heals soon but in the meantime maybe he will bring more birds to your feeder.

  2. I can't imagine having such beautiful, exotic birds just flying around. Our climate is so freaking hostile no bird in it's right mind would live here.

  3. We get plenty of birds in our garden, Lucky for us Peanut (jack russel) chases big birds away...

  4. It hasn't had its wings clipped has it? Maybe it's someone's pet? Toby cracks me up every time you write about him. He sounds like a character and a half.

  5. Rats, possums, and two bird-catching dogs, plus a bird prison in plain view...hmmm, if I was a bird I'd stay away, too!

  6. Lol at Amy's comment. I had to laugh at Toby, guess he's got a dayjob now watching the bird :)

  7. My bird feeder just attracts squirrels. One stupid one got in my attic and couldn't find its way out. Every morning at 3am I'd hear it roaming the rafters, leaving me wide awake for hours. Had to hire someone to catch the dang thing and he took it to a town a good hour away because apparently they are "smart" and like to come back to the places that feed them. Gah. He never did, thankfully...but I get other squirrels at the feeder. And birds, but nothing attractive.

    I hope birdie brings some pretty cool friends over for a bird party on the balcony! :)

  8. Keep at it, I'm sure your efforts will be rewarded soon.

  9. I saw one on IG this morning so maybe they're coming now. Just keep those snakes away.

  10. ha ha, the cone of shame makes me laugh every time!!

  11. Birds' colours which I see in your first picture are absolutely stunning.

    Have a nice weekend!

  12. Never a dull moment at your place!! Maybe the birds know your place is the local snake hangout??!!


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