Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Still Loving It

It's only 4:00 in the afternoon and already my clothes are laid out for tomorrow's run.

It's not that I have OCD. Well, I'll admit to having a little of it when it comes to packing the dishwasher - but seriously, who intersperses dishes and plates?? That is not the most economical use of space! And I do like to have the cushions just so on the couch - like they've just been tossed there stylishly but not like they've been chucked from the other side of the room Frisbee-style. There's a fine line.

The reason for my excessive enthusiasm for being prepared is my excessive enthusiasm to run. I'm loving it at the moment!

It's been a tough year for my running. It's had to take a back-seat to bigger life issues and I don't resent that at all. I've had to cancel races that were planned and paid for and miss countless running sessions. And I'd do it all again if circumstances dictated. But things have settled down and the sailing has been smoother and all of a sudden running is a joy again.

It is just so wonderful to run without a lump of anxiety in my chest. To be able to see the world wake up in the morning and really appreciate the sights and smells and sounds without being preoccupied with a load of heaviness. To really just be there - fully be there. It's hard to really put into words just how it feels. How it feeds my soul and fills me up.

There have been times this year that I didn't really think it would happen again. That there really was a tunnel and there was no light at the end of it. But, as always, those dark times pass. The black turns to grey and all of a sudden you're seeing little glimpses of light. Eventually there's enough light for you to see all the world in its dazzling colours again.

And I'm appreciating that world with different eyes now. Coming through hard stuff really makes you enjoy the ordinary that much more.

Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment.

Post Script (or should I say post-run script)

The run was every bit as good as I had anticipated. 

Maybe some of that was my attitude. Although I can't say my attitude was really great when I dropped my alarm clock on the floor at 3:20 am when I was checking to see how much time I had left to sleep. My clock disgorged its battery so I had to turn on the light and reset it. Effectively I ended up with zero extra minutes of sleep. But my clothes were already out so I really had no excuse but to get out.

It was still a little dark outside but I could see a pink glow through the trees. The colours of the sky alone would have made it a great run but getting 16k done on my favourite route ... Yep, I'm a contented runner today. 

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get sick of running. Somehow I doubt it.


  1. Nice post and I can relate 100%. I've had a tough running year as well for various reasons, but I am also getting back to where I love being with my running. I still have a race or two to look forward to this year and training at the moment is just lovely. No, we will not get sick of running ever.

  2. Cannot tell you how happy I am that things are turning around for you. I too have struggled for awhile and kind of resigned myself to the fact that things may never be the way they were. I'm still slow but I'm enjoying running again and that's seems to be enough. : ) I'm the same way with dishes, btw.

  3. I'm so glad that your running is making you happy again - exactly how running is supposed to be. I'm hoping to be back to running soon - I'm sure everyone around me is hoping the same thing.
    And, I agree on the dishwasher and throw pillows!!!

  4. I've sort of lost my happy when it comes to running, so this post was just what I needed! Have a wonderful run. :-)

  5. I totally agree with you on the dishwasher and the couch cushions. But even more than that, I'm with you when you say "Coming through hard stuff really makes you enjoy the ordinary that much more." That has been my experience as well. It's so great to hear that you got your mojo back!

  6. wow- I can relate to this! SO glad I read this. Sometimes we just need to be happy where we are and accept what we CAN do. I love that quote "Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment."

  7. I'me glad you're enjoying it so much. I need to catch some of your exercise enthusiasm!


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