Sunday, November 30, 2014

What I Did Last Week

I've entered a race.

But not without a lot of procrastination and a lot of angst. Should I? Shouldn't I?  Will I have to pull out at the last moment? Will I be able to get a little consistent training done so that I don't literally die during the race?

I finally pulled my thumb out last Monday, filled out the entry form and paid. And that was it. I'm in. And I'm guaranteed of a race singlet. Tuesday was the deadline to be guaranteed the singlet which is why I stopped procrastinating. I absolutely, positively need another running singlet. Just not sure how I'm going to be able to close my running drawer when I get this one.

I also rang my dentist on Monday and made an appointment. Monday was a big day for procrastinators all over the world.

The race is in less than two weeks now. And my training has been a little hit and miss but I'm pretty sure that I can at least finish. And these days I'm happy with even starting so finishing is a bonus.

Last week I decided that, seeing as I'd actually entered, I'd better pull my thumb out about the training too. I got serious and didn't skip any of my runs. (Yeah, I'd done that in the previous couple of weeks).

So I did Tuesday's speed session, a 12k on Wednesday, a 16k on Thursday and a whopping 28k on Saturday. Actually it was really 28.63k but I didn't want to brag.

A couple of weeks ago I'd done a 21k and it had been horrible! I'd felt sick for days after - possibly a touch of heat exhaustion. And that run had been the reason for my procrastination. How would I be able to run 30k if a 21k had made me feel so bad? But better planning and management had resulted in a better run the next week and this week I just repeated what I'd done the previous.

My secret to a better long run? Start planning for it the day before.

It really wasn't hard. I just made sure that I had carbs at every meal and drank a lot all through the day. Then I got to bed early. See - simple! And then on the actual run I made sure I stopped and drank as often as possible. The weather's turned hot in the last couple of weeks so keeping hydrated is absolutely imperative. And I had excellent company. Even if they pushed me a little harder than I wanted and told me to harden up when I started whining.

I was especially good this week at carbing up on Friday. Possibly, I took it a little too seriously. I may have licked my fingers just a few too many times while I was baking. And I may have eaten one or two of the chocolates that I'd bought to decorate the cake. But I only do so for quality control purposes. And this cake was for an important occasion - #3 son's 21st birthday celebration - so its quality had to be first class.

#1 son even made a surprise trip up from Melbourne for the occasion.

Nothing makes my mummy's heart happier than having everyone together.


  1. Oh - I love that you have all 3 sons home at the same time!!! That cake looks incredible.
    Fun that you are doing a race soon - you will be grey!

  2. The running drawer is the largest and most overstuffed drawer in my closet. And that's after shipping half my gear and donating another quarter. How's the weather looking for your race?

    With all 3 boys home at the same time...I bet that cake didn't last very long!

  3. Love your family picture. We hardly ever get to see Ivan. Did I spell that right?

  4. I'd totally end my procrastination if there was a singlet riding on it too. Haha! How glorious to have all your boys home!

  5. You guys are pees in a pod! Cute picture. I am jealous of your cake. It reminds me of this cake I made for my husband's birthday one year - rich chocolate with vanilla buttercream filling and frosting, then a whole batch of chocolate ganache dumped on top to drip down the sides. Yum.

  6. It's may birthday on Thursday, I also want a cake!!!

  7. I know exactly what you're saying Char. Three of my four boys were over for dinner last night and I skipped to bed afterwards. Your two sons on the left (in the photo under the cake) look like their Dad don't they!

  8. I need to be 21 again to get that cake!!
    Good luck with the race!!
    I thought of you yesterday, walking back to the car after school pick up and I was excitedly told the tale of how the kids couldn't play on the oval as there is a diamond python living in the bushes up there. Lucky today is bus home day and I do not have to walk past the snake housing oval!!

  9. How much fun for you that they were all at home at the same time. Love the photo, so much happiness in it.

    I have been reading your blog for a long time now and you are my running example. And because I have been reading it so long I know you will shine and do great on that 30K!

  10. That cake is amazing and the photos of your family are stunning!

  11. Good luck on your race, and that cake looks amazing!

  12. I want to eat that entire cake. You are so evil :) Glad you had everyone together to celebrate the big 21! That's a milestone for sure. Sounds like your race planning is in full gear. I'm sure you'll do great.


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