Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Getting Perspective

You probably all saw my birthday cake creation from the other day.

This chocolate indulgence. 
While I was making it I did something a little odd. 

It's not unusual for me to do odd things. I personally think everyone does odd things from time to time and if I do it a little more frequently than other people then that's just one of my lovable little quirks.

I was mixing a triple batch of chocolate cake by hand. A triple batch is a pretty intense workout for anyone who's used to using an electric mixer to do the heavy stuff. I could feel the muscles really straining in my arm so I looked down to admire my awesome guns. 

And they really did look pumped from where I was standing. They looked like I actually worked out my upper body - which I pretty much don't ever. So I decided to do the odd thing. Something only the young and vain do.

I took a selfie of my bulging biceps.

And then I looked at it and almost wet myself laughing. 

I swear it looked like I had a muscle from my perspective. 

Guess I won't be entering a body-building competition any time soon.


  1. Looks like muscle to me!!!
    Mostly I'm just laughing picturing you laughing at your own selfie!!!

  2. Now you're sounding like my MIL. I'm sure from your angle it was bulging plenty.

  3. Ooh, look at those biceps! You might place in a bodybuilding contest. For runners.

  4. Hey they may be thin but at least there's some definition! Mine are flabby and revolting!

  5. Well, there's no fat or other flabby stuff waving around so it can only be muscle. My wife always complains because she got her grandmother's upper arms...

  6. LOL I guess not either :)

    By the way I love how the cake looks, I could hardly resist licking my screen

  7. you're going to need a permit for those guns soon... ;)

  8. Ah, you always make me smile! ha ha! Laughing to myself in my kitchen. funny!

  9. If I had arms that thin and toned I'd be taking selfies of them every day. Jealous!

  10. I must admit, the picture of the cake is EVEN MORE impressive than the biceps!

  11. well it looks impressive to me. No tuckshop lady arms.

    And the cake looks awesome.


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