Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 - 365 Days of Potential

Today is a day of new and firsts.

It's a day for new calendars and diaries. 

For new resolutions. For beginning again. For leaving old stuff behind. It's been a day of lots of firsts for me. 

First time in decades I've made some resolutions. I generally don't do resolutions. I do tweaks. Refine a bit here. Finesse a bit there. Nothing too big or grandiose. But I was prompted by one of my sons and in the light of a terribly sad event that a friend has recently gone through and horrible things that have been in the news, I decided that my resolution would be to have a positive impact on my little corner of the world.To be more helpful, tolerant, kind. 

Let it be seen on record here that my altruism lasted only five minutes into the new year. Apparently I don't do selflessness after midnight when I've planned a 5:15am wakeup for a run. In fact, after midnight I turn into a harpie that yells words-that-my-mother-would-frown-upon out the window. Not that anyone heard me over the sound of fireworks, shrieking girls and loud music.

But my bad start to the year was turned around when the sun got up. I managed to restrain myself from pulling out Sam's old trumpet and visiting the early morning revellers. Let's chalk one up for kindness and consideration. Then I set about tallying up as many firsts for this year as I could manage.

First time I went for a run without making my bed beforehand. That never happens. Ever! But I was in two minds as to whether to wash the sheets (showery weather vs another gross and sweaty night). When I got home from the run I remembered why I don't like to leave without making it - coming home to a needless chore when I'm tired.

First run of 2015. Even though the temperature at 5:30 was already over 25C with an 87% humidity. It was a sweaty one but it's summer in Brisbane. Wouldn't expect anything else.

First time my midriff has been exposed in public in over a decade. Seriously it was that hot! And I'm now at an age where I've earned the right to choose comfort over dignity. And there really wasn't that many people out and about at that time of the morning - certainly no one who knew me.

First desperate dive into the closest bushes that would provide a modesty screen. Actually it wasn't a bush but a nice, large Monstera deliciosa and I'm pretty sure that it hid me from that couple pushing the pram that I hadn't noticed when I made my toilet selection.

First post-run selfie of 2015. This is post-licking by Toby and Bubbles so I don't look quite as sodden as I did when I collapsed on the step.

First breakfast out with #1 hubby.

First mid-morning micro-nap.

First movie - The Imitation Game. A really good one that's well worth seeing.

First time I was told off for trying to be polite and let someone down the cinema steps in front of me. I'm going to still chalk that up as another resolution success even though my efforts weren't appreciated. 

First double-nap day. Four hours sleep before a 5:15am alarm just isn't quite enough for me.

And my first blog post of the year.

So glad to have waved good-bye to 2014. I have very few fond memories from the past twelve months. Some years are best forgotten.

So pleased that the new year is a chance for fresh beginnings. I'm looking forward to uncovering what lies ahead in the next 364 days.


  1. I couldn't agree more with saying good-bye to 2014! Onward to a much better 2015!! Happy New Year, Char! :)

  2. Hey Char, sounds like you are off to a flying start!

  3. Love your firsts!! Happy New Year to you!!

  4. Lovely first day of the new year, and lovely goals. Like you, I'm happy to see 2014 go. Here's to a fantastic year coming up!

  5. Sounds like you've made a pretty great fresh start, exposed midriff and all. Happy New Year!

  6. Great beginning of the New year, Char! So glad to hear about your first run of 2015, although an 87% humidity. Congrats on waking-up at 05:15 am for a run! ... I'd like to have your strong motivation. Maybe, I haven't it at the moment because we are in Winter here in Italy. I hope so :)

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  7. 5.15! That's a little extreme for even the most resolute of New Year's exercisers, but I'm glad you got it in before it got far too hot. Here's to a much better 2015!

    And for the late night revellers, I would recommend a vuvuzela. (When I lived with housemates I would long to wake up at 6am the night after a party and make an almighty clatter getting breakfast. Diehard morning people should not have housemates.)

  8. Happy New Year dear!

  9. good riddance 2014...2015 is going to rock!

  10. Great start, Char! Hope it is just the beginning of an awesome year for you!

  11. A great start, congrats!
    You have run in singlet and I have run wearing a thermic shirt: what a difference!

  12. You are the third person in as many days who has said The Imitation Game is good. I didn't want to see it but maybe I need to rethink that. Happy New Year.

  13. Sounds like a pretty great start to a new year to me!!!
    I wish we were in the middle of your hot weather instead of facing snow/ice:)
    Happy 2015!!!

  14. Awesome ... here's to an awesome 2015!

  15. Wow that are a lot of first ones on the first day of a new year. How can this not become a good year for you! I have the same feelings towards 2014 as you and look forward to a much better 2015 for the both of us.

  16. What a great start to the year!!! As for the bare midriff, I bet those 20 year olds out there were insanely jealous!


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